Christopher Nolan was thrilled with Ben Affleck's Batman casting #Batman

Ron Phillips/Warner Bros. Pictures Christopher Nolan sets up a shot.
Ron Phillips/Warner Bros. Pictures
Christopher Nolan sets up a shot.

Ok, Batfleck haters time to stand down now that Christopher “I saved Batman” Nolan shared his thoughts on the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman.

“I’m only involved in that project in an advisory capacity as an executive producer, so I’m not involved in the day-to-day,” Nolan told The Daily Beast while promoting “Interstellar.” “When they told me that Ben was interested in doing it, I thought, ‘How thrilling!’”

batman-affleck-portrait“This is the guy who just won Best Picture as a director and as an actor, and I thought it would be a great thing that he’d be willing to do this. I think the guy is incredibly talented and I’m very excited to see what Zack and Ben do together.”

By the time he’s finished, Affleck will likely have played Batman longer than any other actor (“Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” two “Justice League” films and a rumored Batman standalone) so it’s good that one of the cogs of these DC films is so enthusiastic about him playing one of the pivotal roles.

  • Fred

    As far as BvS goes I think Affleck is one of the better signings for the film, it’s some of the other cast signings I’m not sold on or convinced with.

  • I agree. Which one has you most skeptical?

  • Fred

    Definitely Gadot as Wonder Woman and to a lesser extent Eisenberg as Lex, but I’m going to give them a chance to see what they can do. It’s just knock the physical traits that Gadot lacks that concerns me, it’s also that I don’t know that she has the on screen presence and the acting chops to pull of a big role like Wonder Woman, but we shall see. Now I’m not one of those cats who saying is there still enough time to find another actress for Wonder Woman, what’s done is done and I think people need to get acclimated to the fact that Gadot will be Wonder Woman, I have but I’m definitely not sold on her in the role by any stretch of the imagination.

  • I feel you on Gadot. She will be the one I’m most curious if she can change my lack of enthusiasm. Ironically, she’d be perfect for Wonder Girl/Donna Troy.

    Eisenberg I think will work as he will completely not look like Cavill’s physical equal. It’s funny as so often Lex is portrayed as being this big presence, but like Zuckerman and Gates prove, a powerful person doesn’t have to look like a Superman too.

  • Fred

    Haha damn I meant to say ‘it’s not just the physical traits that Gadot lacks’, forgive my grammar Jeff i should know better than that and my flaky keyboard is not helping either lol. I didn’t think about Wonder Girl but you’re right since she smaller and more slender in stature than Wonder Woman. I’m definitely not as weary about Eisenberg as I am Godot, I just didn’t really picture him as Lex but neither did I picture Ledger as the Joker and we know how that one went, which is why I’m waiting to see how this plays out.

  • No problem man. I’m not doing spell check over here! 😉

    I think he’s gonna surprise us. Guess in this case we better hope so since he’s all but locked up for numerous DC films at this point.

  • Fred

    Haha that’s good to know my friend. From what I’ve seen of Eisenberg he seems to be a pretty good actor so I’m looking forward to seeing his portrayal of Lex Luthor.