SPOILER: Check out the new Black Canary on #Arrow

Cate Cameron/The CW Caity Lotz as Canary
Cate Cameron/The CW
Caity Lotz as Canary

This isn’t much of a shocker to comic book fans who were left a bit puzzled with the first appearance of Canary on “Arrow,” but here’s the first look at the new Black Canary. After the jump to avoid spoilers of course.As we know, Laurel has been training to get revenge on the person who killed Sara, which will culminate in her becoming Black Canary. Here’s the first look at her version of the crime-fighting heroine.

Black Canary - Katie Cassidy

I’m kinda surprised that Laurel has such a departure from Sara’s costume as that was more comic book appropriate. This looks more like Hit Girl from “Kick-Ass” with all the seemingly tossed-in buckles. And I’m definitely not a fan of the turtleneck look either.

Still, it’s Black Canary on “Arrow” and it’s kinda hard to complain too much about that though as the show will no doubt remain awesome. Just a few more hours until tonight’s new episode.

Black Canary - Katie Cassidy - Arrow

  • keith

    I dont like it and I miss sara already. She was just um a nice fit in her outfit. laura is on that same wave lenth of b.s that jim deals with on gotham. I can see why olie was like NEXT! Speaking of fine women in black. Nyssa is hot. I want more of her in a bad way lol. it was hard to take my eyes off of her before that 3 way battle. Seriously do hollywood just have women like this waiting around like this for parts. how does any work get done?

  • keith

    its just looks like a cosplayer pretending to be canary.. if that makes sense.

  • Power Girl and Starfire are the only ones whose assets are “part” of their costume. Canary doesn’t have to be busty, but that non-neck piece helped to break up the all black and makes it look less generic special forces outfit.

    Pretty sure Nyssa will be back this season 😉

  • Untrue. Cosplayers do it better
    Canary 1
    Canary 2