Sideshow Collectibles Power Girl premium format figure #PowerGirl

Sideshow Collectibles Power Girl - main pic

“Ahem. Eyes up here.”

Based on artwork by renowned pinup artist Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the Power Girl Premium Format™ Figure from DC Comics.

Endowed with the powers of Krypton, Superman’s strong and sassy cousin is ready to rock, flaunting her physique in her distinctive red, white and blue costume. Expertly crafted in polystone by Sideshow’s artists, Karen Starr makes a lasting impression as Power Girl, standing 21” tall over the battle-torn streets of Metropolis. The perfect addition for any DC Comics or Justice League collection, Sideshow’s Power Girl Premium Format™ Figure is sure to knock your socks off!

Pre-order here: DC Comics Power Girl DC Comics Premium Format(TM) Figure

  • Barry Murray

    It’s a nice character but i am seeing bleed on the paintjob. I know it’s a proto, but they should have taken more care!

  • Do you have any of their premium figures? Curious how well the final product turned out.

  • Barry Murray

    My Brother has some. Generally they are a mix of polystone and cloth, although the MOS one just come out was the same price as others but was hollow PVC, causing an outrage…
    We’ll have nearly a year to wait for this one to come out.

  • keith

    she was created a spirit animal for all busty cosplayers lol. One of these days I need to pick up a Trade and learn more.

  • She’s always been a fun character. Grab some Justice Society issues from Geoff Johns. Good stuff.

  • Barry Murray

    My Brother(An authority on all things Superman), said in one comic, someone asked Power girl why she had the big hole in her top. She replied that all Kryptonians save that spot for their house crest and that she was no different. She left that space blank to put her house crest in later, and just never got around to it…

  • Thanks Barry (and your brother). I never knew that was the reason! Interesting explanation for that.

  • keith

    or the writer said.. BOOBS!!! I will take your word on it lol