4 vintage toy lines that MUST be in “Toy Story 4” #ToyStory4

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From the unlikely, but amazing chemistry of Woody and Buzz Lightyear, to the perfect tone that taps adults’ nostalgia buttons and humor that cracks little kids up, there’s few franchises as widely loved as “Toy Story.”

The lowest rated of the trilogy, “Toy Story 3,” earned a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes.com and you can’t tell me the four critics who gave it a negative rating just didn’t want attention and clicks.

Combat Carl Toy StoryOne of the most charming aspects of the franchise is the creative tributes to toy lines of the past. In recent installments, we’ve seen shot-outs to “G.I. Joe,” “Care Bears,” “Transformers” and even Pez. With the oh-so welcome announcement of “Toy Story 4” slated for June 2017, it got me thinking of which old school toys I’d love to see get the Toy Story treatment for the new film.

Either way, I demand a more significant role for Combat Carl, the co-star of “Toy Story of Terror.”

Here’s my list:

tickle_me_elmoTickle Me Elmo – The Tyco Preschool plush hit shelves in 1996 and quickly became the most in-demand Christmas toy leading to parents fighting and scalpers listing it online for a “low” asking price of $1,500. The Toy Story take doesn’t have to be a major character, but could be overly ticklish from the merest touch causing it to double over in laughter.


Masters of the Universe He-ManMasters of the Universe — I’m a bit surprised that one of the 80s biggest toylines hasn’t been worked into the franchise yet, but Toy Story needs to work in some super strong barbarian hero (or villain for that matter) to interact with Woody, Buzz and the gang.


rainbow brite 1980s toy in packageRainbow Brite — If there’s one thing the Toy Story universe needs, it’s more female characters. Jessie is great and Barbie is deliberately playfully goofy, but adding in a take on Hallmark Cards colorful protagonist who is in charge of all the colors in the universe could be a fun character. And just think of all the jokes they could get out of the Brite stand-in’s color OCD?


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT toys— While groups don’t typically make it onto Toy Story, maybe we could get two Kung-Fu pizza-eating animals that would be a tip to the 1987 Playmates Action figure line.

Those are my picks. Who would you add or like to see in “Toy Story 4?”

  • Barry Murray

    I think the classic toy companies will be bending over backwards to try and get their product into the movie. I only saw the Toy Story Of Terror instalment today(So this is true synchronicity), but i loved Carl Weathers as Combat Carl, and also Timothy Dalton as the Lederhosen-wearing Hedgehog.
    There are so many ways they can go. I am sure they shall not disappoint us.

  • That was good timing! Combat Carl was great and I hope for sure he’s back.
    Any that you’d like to see?

  • Barry Murray

    Well, i know it’s totally because of what i collect but, if the movie is set nowadays, i’d love to see Hot Toys figures(Or equivalents) make any kind of appearance. And with the Halloween episode showing us the 3 3/4 Combat Carl, i think little GI Joes have already been done. But M.A.S.K. or similar would be cool.
    The one piece of continuity i am unsure of(It’s because i have seen it so much), is that it’s been proven in the movies that Buzz is not a flying toy. He can fall in style, but not actually fly. So in the movies, a figure that’s “supposed” to be able to fly in the fantasy world the toy inhabits, can’t actually fly.
    But… In Toy Story 2, when the toys invade Al’s toy Barn, Hamm pulls up in a Barbie car that can “actually” drive…(And it is NOT an R/C car. Just a traditional plastic toy), so it begs the question:

    “Could a small toy helicopter actually take off in the Toy Story world”?

    It just occurs to me that there’s a lot of scope for small fighter jet toys, and the like, to have a big part to play if they could do what they are supposed to do in a Toy Story movie.
    Like M.A.S.K. vehicles, or even GI Joe ones, etc.
    Like an Iron Man figure being able to fly, prompting Buzz to develop the ability(I mean, lets face it, if all toys WERE sentient, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!).

  • An Iron Man stand-in would be VERY timely and would make for a cool Disney/Marvel team-up!

    MASK is another good idea. I loved that show and toyline.

  • Jace

    I think the COPs figure would be cool

  • I was tempted to add them and Silverhawks and Thundercats too 😉