Birthday Wishes – Paula Patton and Keri Hilson

The world premiere of 'Two Guns'Paula-Patton-at-Baggage-Claim-PremierePaula Patton (39) – So this year was a rough one with Robin showing himself, but the good thing is you’ve still got movies in the works with the rumors of an appearance in “Mission: Impossible 5” and a role in “Warcraft” while he’s naming albums after you. Kinda seems like a win to me.

Keri Hilson (32) – You continue to be a force in movies with constant songs used for soundtracks, but if you’re game, seems like it’s about that time for you to be in movies instead of just your songs.kerihilsonHOTjpg

  • keith

    damn that jeff made my day πŸ™‚

  • keith

    the fellas and I were just talking about how fine kerri was/is/will be. to bad her shine came in the queen beyonce rule/ ratchet reality stars release albums/ no love for others.. except tamar braxton (reality star again) era. girl gots TALENT. I saw her in ESSENCE fest.. i was in daze from her tradmark back and forth dance. Glad her writing skills keep her going. what movies have her stuff popped up in? and as far as movies. Since halle aint getting any younger. DC.. here is your vixen.. even if just for a cameo…

  • keith

    paula.. damn robin was a MFing FOOOL lol. i have no pity for him. quite frankly tastless to keep cashing in on her name while begging her back. way to go robin. either he clueless or just dont give a damn. either way. I cant rock with him .

    Paula keep up the fineness and good work

  • Always happy to oblige πŸ˜‰

  • You’re a fan of Tamar Braxton? I heard one song on Arsenio and it was ok. Wasn’t sure how the rest of her album was though.

    Hilson’s songs have been in “Hangover 3,” “GTA V,” “Step Up 3D” and “Easy A” among others.

    Short haircut aside, I’m not seeing her for Vixen. Any other suggestions?

  • Especially since now he’s got a 19-year-old posting pics of them on Instagram at his house.

  • keith

    she can be my vixen. not a fan of tamar and damn sure of her tv persona.. my wife likes that trash

  • LOL. Gotta take one for the team, huh?