Marvel casting news: Krysten Ritter, Ryan Reynolds for Jessica Jones and Deadpool #Marvel

Marvel confirmed that Krysten Ritter will be starring as Jessica Jones for its upcoming Netflix series; Ryan Reynolds will be starring for the first time in an actual good Deadpool role and Benedict Cumberbatch has officially been announced as Dr. Strange.

Cumberbatch had long been rumored as the front-runner for Dr. Strange ever since Marvel’s big reveal of its next big roll-out of films.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????jessica_jonesOn the TV front, Jessica Jones is the first female to headline a TV show for Marvel and her 13-episode series will debut after “Daredevil,” starring Charlie Cox. Jessica Jones was a retired superhero who now runs Alias Private Investigations.

mike-colter for Luke CageMike Colter is reportedly Marvel’s choice to star as Luke Cage, Jessica’s love-interest and future husband, but he has yet to sign off. Daredevil is first out the gate for Netflix though so there’s time for him to line up for that massive Marvel paycheck.

DeadpoolRyan Reynolds as DeadpoolReynolds had the misfortune of starring as Wade Wilson in that atrocity that was “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and in a rare case of the perfect actor getting stuck in a bad movie but still getting a chance to reprise a role. Good for 20th Century Fox on realizing he was the best choice and bringing him back. Especially after the buzz from this mini-trailer.


  • Barry Murray

    That trailer was awesome, lol.
    Everything that Deadpool should be.

  • It definitely seems like they have the right tone for it, don’t they?

  • Barry Murray

    Yeah. It looks spot on.

  • Are you a big Deadpool fan? Sideshow has an interesting looking figure.

  • Barry Murray

    Not a huge fan and, indeed, not a big enough fan to get a figure of him, but i have read the comics and would totally go and see the movie if it’s made.

  • He’s a character I haven’t read many of his solo books, but I find funny when he appears in other titles and loved his roles in the video games.

  • Barry Murray

    He’s an hilarious character. I read a lot of his early stuff when i was in high school. I haven’t read any recent stuff, but i can imagine it being hilarious.
    This type of humour always makes me laugh:

  • Yep. That kind of “Naked Gun” style humor is always money with me!

  • Barry Murray

    It’s almost like that Futurama kind of humour where they smack you in the face with it, but it doesn’t diminish with repeat viewings. “They must learn of our peaceful ways! By force!”

  • LOL. That show has always been very funny to me.

  • Barry Murray

    It’s genius. And only right that it came back after being canned. In an ideal world, we’d have gotten seven seasons of Firefly, and three movies to wrap up the loose ends.

  • I’m still amazed some network didn’t decide to pick up Firefly even if they didn’t until after Whedon got “hot” after Avengers.

  • Barry Murray

    It’s a travesty. Such promise that show had. I have got to put my hands up and assume that with all his great shows that have been canned, Whedon must have slept with the daughter of some huge exec in Hollywood that has it in for him…