Box-office roundup – Dec. 7, 2014 – “Hunger Games: Mockingjay” has easy three peat

The Hunger Games - Mockingjay Part 1 - Donald Sutherland as President Snow1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 – $21.6 million [3rd week; $257.7 million]  For a third weekend, Katniss and company had an easy victory in retaining its box office spot. At this rate, “Exodus: Gods and Kings” will need a strong showing to topple it next weekend, but it may be a hard sell domestically and Chris Rock’s “Top 5” could also make for a tight race for the top spot.  My money is still somewhat leaning toward Katniss.

2. Penguins of Madagascar – $11.1 million [2nd week; $49.6 million] The latest entry in the Madagascar series looks like it will have the dubious distinction of being the only one to not make at least $100 entry. The series has been a popular one with families as the previous lowest grossing was the second installment, which earned $180 million.

HORRIBLE BOSSES 23. Horrible Bosses 2 – $8.5 million [2nd week; $36.1 million] While it had a respectable hold since its Thanksgiving week debut, the “Bosses” sequel just isn’t proving that attractive a movie option for audiences this time around. By its second weekend, the original film had earned $60 million.

4. Big Hero 6 – $8.1million [4th week; $177.5 million] Hiro and Baymax have kept audiences packing the theaters and it wouldn’t be that shocking to see it remain in the Top 5 after the interest in “Penguins” fades. It’s currently sitting as the fourth highest-grossing Disney Animation film, but it’s starting to cool down a bit and may actually not be able to catch “Wreck-It Ralph” with its $189 million total.

5. Interstellar – $8 million [4th week; $158.7 million] The sci-fi drama is holding well and is cruising for another solid week.

  • Fred

    Jeff my man, you still think ‘Mockingjay part 1’ will make it to 350 million domestic, not a chance with drops like this my friend. it still has to get about 43 more million just to get to 300M domestic with some very strong competition in the likes of the Hobbit 3 quickly approaching. It’s deteriorating much faster than GOTG was and not showing the legs that film displayed. While I do think ‘Mockingjay’ reaches 300M domestic it won’t blow right past it and will most likely now finish a little short of GOTG’s 333M domestic take. Next week should indeed be very interesting, I forgot about Chris Rock’s ‘Top 5’ which i’m looking forward to checking out, it’s good to see Tracy Morgan in the film and I’m wishing that brother a full recovery. If ‘Gods and Kings’ can’t beat what’s likely to be a 10-13 million weekend by ‘Mockingjay’ next week, than ‘Gods’ will be what we call a certified bomb my friend lol.

  • keith

    I just saw horrible bosses 2. As a movie itself, it was cute chuckle funny… But its sad when Spacey the movie just that fast and so easy. Fox had an okay cameo but if they do a part 3.. just do straight to dvd, rachet up the humor cut anniston, add in some somebody like a josh gad, or another funny black comedian like a deion cole and go at it. But a 3 at box office will not get my money. I give a mid 7 but barely a rewatch. 1st one comedy gold and a perfect setup of the concept. Felt like a money grab for the big names where this didnt help the main cast in the movie. yet at least not a dark wounded mess ( all though funny at times ) hangover 3

  • What’s been the best comedy you’ve seen in the last few years?

  • keith

    think like a man one, hangover 1, 2 horrible bosses 1, neighbors, and shamefully this is the end.( i just cant watch again for trying to be a better christian lol)

  • keith

    hot tub time machine as well

  • I’m down with your list until the last two. I wouldn’t watch those again unless you paid me big time!

  • Another good one!

  • keith

    another bad one. take me home tonight … right when hollywood said this is not going to work with topher grace.. my god his name is topher grace. not a leading man name. plus always just to frail looking on the 70’s show. who is close to being the bud bundy of that show. topher got a shot but he did a few movies, donna is on a roll with orange is the new black, aston has been a star, vilma was shagging everything at one point lol. danny kind of have a show.. and mila kunis is well freaking mila kunis. hmm.. topher it is

  • keith

    but i did like take me home but i realize it is a flop on how is judge. I was the only person in the theater when i saw i lol.