Box-office roundup – Dec. 14, 2014 – “Exodus” plagued by weak opening

exodus-gods-kings-joel edgerton and christian bale1. Exodus: gods and kings – $24.5 million [debut week] Ridley Scott’s action take on the Biblical tale had a so-so opening weekend — it was nearly half of similar Bible-skewing action film “Noah (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD),” which debuted to $43 million. This is assured a short stint atop the box office as the final installment of “The Hobbit” arrives in theaters next Wednesday further cutting into “Exodus'” chance to make a significant dent in its $140 million budget. Critics savaged the film giving it a 27% freshness rating on and it apparently didn’t connect any stronger with audiences either. Expect this to have a brief stay in the Top 5 as a slew of new movies are coming out in the next couple of weeks.

The Hunger Games - Mockingjay Part 1 - Woody Harrelson as Haymitch Abernathy2. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 – $13.2 million [4th week; $277 million] After a three-week reign atop the charts, the third chapter of “The Hunger Games” dropped to second place as it notched over $600 million worldwide and is now the year’s second highest grossing film of the year.

3. Penguins of Madagascar – $7.3 million [4th week; $57 million] Fox’s animated film held on for another week, but is being hit hard by the continued success of “Big Hero 6,” which is remaining strong competition and affecting “Penguin’s” bottom line big time.

4. Top Five – $7 million [debut week] Chris Rock’s comedy had a higher theater per average gross than any film besides “Wild” and with strong word of mouth and solid critical buzz — with 89 percent on — it should have a decent hold in the next few weeks.

5. Big Hero 6 – $6.1 million [6th week; $185 million] Disney’s big animated hit remains a force and only dropped 24 percent. It’s now looking like it should hit $200 million.

  • keith

    exodus is a sham and scott comments are a joke.. thats apart of it. when will directors/america have the balls to except one of the most advance countries is A. an african nation, B had an african race run it. Until then, i will just go with good ol fashion hollywood racism and watch the old heston classic and be entertained without CGI effects and just the gravitas of the acting. BOOOOO to exodus.

    saw top 5. I love the skewering of hollywood/famous culture. I know I have thought of famous people as well not people to some of the dubious lying annoying things they do. ( didnt feel sorry for gabby characer.. who being dwade wife isnt far from playing herself). Im glad rock got a chance to make this film before well he hit that real dark place talented comedians go. We saw it with farley, pyror, williams, now cosby problems coming to light and kevin hart with the ex wife. comedians lives seem to be that double edge sword or something. whereas serious actors get people jump up and down if a serious person crack wise. funny guys.. nope. just funny. it must wear a person down to the numb

  • Fred

    It is a weak opening and ‘Exodus’ might very well be a bad film, but I told you it would be the number one film Jeff. Being that ‘Mockingjay’ is now in it’s 4th week and it’s not posting box office numbers like the previous HG films I just thought it was inevitable that ‘Exodus’ would be the number one film this weekend, sort of by default you might say. That being said we all know that ‘Exodus’ reign at no. 1 will be short lived obviously as ‘Hobbit 3’ opens this upcoming week. like you I expect ‘”Top 5″ to show some good legs and play well over the next month.

  • There were so many reasons I didn’t want to see Exodus, but Scott’s comments played a major part in my decision to sit that one out.

    You could say we all have dark places though and with Heath Ledger, Philip Seymour Hoffman, River Phoenix and Brittany Murphy, it doesn’t always have to be comedians.

  • You called that one correct Fred. I’ll be interested in how much “The Hobbit” pulls in when it opens Wednesday. Care to make a prediction?

  • Fred

    Well Jeff as I recall the first Hobbit opened in the 86-88 million range Fri-Sun and the second one opened to 72 million I believe. 2014 has been a strange and underwhelming year in terms of films opening weekends so i’ll say it opens around 70-80 million over the weekend and 100-120 million over 5 days. What do you think it will open with?

  • I’ll go $115m over the five-day period since it’s the last one and thus far getting the best reviews of this trilogy.

  • Fred

    I concur.

  • keith

    I havent watched one of that series hobbit or lord of the rings.. i guess i missed out

  • You definitely have missed out on LOTR. Highly recommend that saga. The Hobbit is almost done and I’ll have my review of the third film up late tomorrow.

  • That could be the case, but it’s not looking good early on.
    Rock Creek Park 😉