Samuel L Jackson challenges ice bucket celebs to sing until all people are free

Samuel L Jackson 2014With the potential of lost revenue, commercial opportunities and the loss of Twitter and Facebook followers, it’s not surprising that a lot of celebrities have been silent on the Ferguson and New York police incidents. Samuel L Jackson reminds us that he is far from the typical celebrity.

I’ll be very interested in seeing how this plays out, but somehow I doubt we’ll see a new celebrity singing every other minute like the ice bucket challenge.

  • Mistletoe

    I’m very surprised he took a stand. I think a lot of celebrities are afraid to take any side on issues like these. If you find out others are singing please let us know.

  • keith

    I agree with mistletoe. Some like kevin hart need to be singing.. yet I understand why some of these people will be quiet as you dont want to become the symbol of hate for the racists losers. By the way kudos for the Browns and yet again another police wants to arrests the players for showing empathy for the death of a 12 year old boy. they have the nerve to call the players pathetic. sad times man

  • I was very surprised too and would be shocked if it gets much attention from other celebs.

  • The kneejerk reaction will be Jackson is trying to play the race card, but he said racist cops not white, black, yellow, polka-dot, etc cops.

    He didn’t say all cops were bad, but racism doesn’t have a part in protectors of the peace.

  • keith

    I just would like to see more from people with a big platform and thought provoking comments i.e chris rock and his thoughts on a few things

  • Hopefully we will in the coming weeks.