Viola Davis rumored to play Amanda Waller in “Suicide Squad”

Suicide Squad - Viola Davis as Amanda Waller

Finally some “Suicide Squad” casting rumors I can 100% completely get behind.

Viola Davis — brilliant actress extraordinaire — is all but set for the role so long as filming in David Goyer’s film allows her time to shoot “How to Get Away With Murder.”

I’m a big fan of Davis and this casting. Between Davis, Oprah Winfrey and Octavia Spencer, this was one role that DC/WB had nailed right away and there’s not a bad runner-up if Davis can’t commit to it. What do you think?


  • Falalalala

    I think maybe Octavia Spencer or Halle Berry or Jennifer Hudson.

  • Definitely don’t want Halle. She’s too “model-like” and Waller doesn’t need to be a model.

  • keith

    No to halle and for sure hudson. I know she is getting her acting chops down… butt im not feeling her. I would been happy with every one else. I see waller as first a grown grown woman, late 40s, hardcore and pissed off. I mean hell davis plays this part now!, oprah lives this part now, and spencer and davis have the chops or the looks for it. Spencer as we know can do serious but davis gives it a bit more grimness to well a lady over killers. BTW i would like to see davis and spencer do another movie that does not include them being treated like they arent human. Hollywood make that ish happen. The help was good but dammit thats a one time watch for me. My mom’s family grew up in woodville MS.. not as grand as jackson(which i think was made to look to good but it was the 60s so who knows) I cant sit through it now. It good on the screen I was happy these ladies stories were some what told but I dont need those to be disneyed. sorry for the mini hollywood rant

  • So you’d go with Davis, huh?
    I haven’t seen “The Help.” Subject matter really isn’t something I care to watch.

  • keith

    I dont know where your folk hail from but its a good quasi history lesson… but you has a critic/writer can probably pick it apart deeper than I can. I enjoyed it, afterwards it just enraged me. My family members had to deal with some of that crap. And clearly we are dealing with some of the same stuff today.. but I digress. Davis man.. and she is kind of cougar sexy lol.. since ms waller is now hot stuff. She is like a good bridge between the two verisons. Now if they want to get olivia pope.. im good too

  • Yeah, I really try and limit my intake of films I know will just piss me off. Life is too short and so forth

    Interesting point about Kerry Washington. She would fit model new 52 Waller well. She could also do Vixen well.

  • keith

    I think they if they wanted to do a black thelma and louise, I could see with those two

  • Nah man. Need new blood for that. Gimme some up and coming talent!

  • keith

    sadly with black actors not getting many roles they still feel up and coming to me… or am i missing something. spencer was just a few years from guesting starring on kiddy shows and commercials. as long as a black thelma and louise is nothing like the fake out of Waiste deep with megan good part. still mad at how the montage was used for the trailer and how they became expert bank robbers over night… sigh… bad movies… but on the flip side its megan and her good looking all good. damn lust getting in the way of good judgement lol

  • That’ll do it every time 😉