Jennifer Lopez proves she’s indeed a triple threat

People Magazine wanted to make an impression with its first-ever award show and thanks to some shrewd award presentation and Jennifer Lopez willing to prove her 45 is better than most 25 year-olds, that mission was definitely accomplished.

While it didn’t grab viewers like the Grammys or Oscars, people sure were buzzing about J-Lo’s outfit for the night, which she was awarded the Triple Threat honor.

The 42nd Annual GRAMMY AwardsJennifer Lopez - People Magazine Awards2How does this match up to Jenny from the Block’s original much-discussed Grammy outfit?

Considering that risque outfit was 14 years ago this year, I’d say J-Lo absolutely reminded folks that she remains one of Hollywood’s sexiest at any age.

And with this outfit choice, you have to wonder what she’ll sport once awards season gets fully underway and if anyone will be able to top this daring getup.

Think this outfit will have more people watching American Idol this season? As a card-carrying member of The Voice fan club, this definitely has me considering turning in a few times to FOX this year.

What do you think?Jennifer Lopez - People Magazine Awards

  • A triple threat? At what?

  • Acting, dancing and moderately being able to sing. Sorta. People has unique award categories.

  • OK but… that was a long time ago. What has she done lately that is worth noting?

  • Not much. I really think it was People’s excuse to have a big name show up on their awards show.

  • Of course. They create new awards to celebrate mediocrity.

  • ? For fun, what celebrity or celebrities would you award and what would it be if you ran your own award show?

  • I wouldn’t have an awards show. I think it’s all for nothing. Especially for someone who hasn’t really done anything of relevancy in the past 15 years.

  • Ok what star in 2014 do you think needed more recognition than the received for their work?

  • Marion Cotillard and Scarlett Johansson.

  • keith


  • keith

    all I needed to agree with is that her “45 is better than a lot 25 year olds” the rest is subjective but I cant hate on scarlett having a monster 2014

  • Definitely agree. Johansson had a monster year!