These new “Avengers: Age of Ultron” Hot Toys figures look so realistic it’s scary

Hot Toys Age of Ultron Avengers figures - Hulkbuster Iron Man front

With 2015’s biggest blockbuster, “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” set to debut in theaters on May 1, Hot Toys is getting a jump on the action by previewing what the main characters will look like at the Toy Soul Convention in Toronto. I’m most excited about getting my hands on the Captain America and Hawkeye. How about you?

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  • Fred

    These look pretty damn amazing, Hulkbuster and Thanos in particular. Can’t wait to see Ultron, The Vision, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Hawkeye with that long coat looks badass too, Jeff you really better get him if you don’t have the first Hawkeye figure.

  • Barry Murray

    Amazing. I didn’t realise they were doing quarter scale Iron Man suits. Very nice.

  • Oh yes. Can’t wait to grab these and add to the collection!

  • Yep. Just when I start considering more Iron Man figs, they show off these amazing Avengers figs!

  • Martin

    Dose anybody know a good estimate on how much the hulkbuster will be?, please reply if you know, thanks

  • Fred

    Well seeing that Igor is $510 before taxes I would say Hulkbuster will be between $600-$700. I wish it was in the $550-$600 range but I’m realistic. This bad boy is huge too, I hear it’s between 21-23 inches tall which is a very accurate 1/6 scale size of it seeing Hulk is around 18.5 inches tall. Igor and Iron Monger are 18-18.5 inches tall as well so this is perfect sizing.

  • Martin, I’m hoping it’s under $500, but Fred is right. Thinking it’s gonna be over $600. What Hot Toys figures do you have?

  • Fred

    If I knew there was any chance Hulkbuster could come under $500 I would wish for it too. Ths figure is an absolute beast with amazing detail going on with it and is the size of a 1/4 scale figure, that’ how big it is. It will be very expensive but this is a figure I’ve got to have, thank goodness for Sideshow because this is the time where their Flexpay Option really comes in handy lol.