36 films you must see in 2015 – 2015 Movie Preview

2015 Happy New YearWe’re finally here! 2015 may very well go down as the best movie year of the decade, but with so many options vying for your time and hard-earned dollars how do you make sense of it all? Good question.

I (probably somewhat foolhardy) decided to narrow down your decisions each month to the one film you absolutely, no doubt definitely have to see. And then, if you’ve got the time there’s a runner-up you likely will want to check out as well and there’s at least one sorta under the radar film you’ll want to pay attention to as well. So get out your phone and start lining up your schedules around 2015’s essential viewing movie list.

January’s Must See: Blackhat (Jan. 16)


Michael Mann rarely wastes his times on lousy movies so I’m very excited about his latest starring Chris Hemsworth as a prisoner asked to aid American and Chinese officials in stopping a cyber criminal on a worldwide pursuit that takes him from Chicago and Hong Kong.

taken 3 movie picture - liam neesonRunner-up: Taken 3 (Jan. 9)

When he’s set up for a murder, Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) once again has to utilize his specific set of skills to find the real killer and avoid law officials (led by Forest Whittaker) who want to bring him in. The set-up for the film wisely advances the story and doesn’t bother with an annoying kidnapping just paving the way for Neeson to do what he does best — be the best action hero in theaters today.

The-Wedding-Ringer-movie picture - Kevin Hart and Josh GadSleeper pick: The Wedding Ringer (Jan. 16)

In what looks like it could be a cross of “I Love You Man” and “Hitch,” Kevin Hart teams with Josh Gad in this comedy about a man who recruits a best-man-for hire to help him impress his in-laws.

I’ve got high hopes for this one and really hoping it doesn’t let me down by making Hart too much of the focus.

  • Ben

    This could be the best year ever for big, anticipated movies. I really hope they live up to their hype.

  • Fred

    Jeff your list is pretty spot on my friend, 2015 could end up being one hell of a year with ‘Age Of Ultron’ and ‘The Force Awakens’ providing possibly the strongest 1-2 punch in films that we have ever seen in the same year. ’09 with “Avatar” & ‘Transformers 2’, ’12 with “The Avengers” & TDKR and ’13 with ‘Catching Fire’, “Iron Man 3” & “Frozen” are the only years to have at least two films that have grossed over 400 million domestic, in 2015 we should see that with AOU and Star Wars 7.

  • keith

    good work jeff. Hart going to prove you wrong lol. At first i am leery of the wedding ringer, but you know what if the wife wants to go I may brave. Im going to go see get hard. Now I do believe Anchorman 2 and think like a man too were failed projects, but its cool to see these two comic styles in a film. Since no one can ever remake or do a trading places maybe it will catch some of that or just bit for us folks who remember when great comedies were a staple, not an exception. Doesnt have at least 2 more movies this year? Is ride along 2 coming out this year? and I know he going to do something with the rock.

    Of course im there with bells on for Avengers. Since I skipped katniss in 2014, I cant wait for the DVD in the spring or summer so I can get ready to close out this series. I still need to watch maze runner. nothing but good things. first quarter stuff. kingsmen is on my list. Also do you need to see taken 2 for taken 3? I just skipped it all way once i heard it was the same daughter who had to save him or some crap.. or should i rent it? Are you doing a list for dvds?

  • Me too man. It seems like it’s poised to be a major one!

  • Get Hard should be good as long as they’re reeled in and not just letting Hart and Ferrell run amok. That’s where their films go sideways.

    Those two are this year and looks like he’s already got two lined up for 2016 as well.

    From the premise it doesn’t sound like you need to see Taken 2 first, but it was fun and quick so I’d recommend watching it all the same.

    List for DVDs?

  • keith

    of good movies coming out on dvd in 2016 i guess. or whatever lol. I know one thing im going to be locked in next week for tv. Empire, flash, arrow. ( should be shield but I guess I will watch agent old timey shield agent).. and your favorite.. the fish moony show. that weapon ready for you.

  • Oh. I’ll be working on that throughout the year for us!
    Geesh, I totally forgot Gotham started back up Monday. Not sure why I thought it was later this month.