Chris Evans proves he doesn’t need his Captain America costume to be a hero

Chris Evans with 9-year-old KennySo helping The Avengers take down Ultron will only be the second best thing Chris Evans will do over the next 12 months.

Evans, who plays Captain America in the Marvel Studios franchise, visited Kenny Botting, a nine-year-old fan fighting cancer, on Dec. 29. Kenny underwent brain surgery in September and is recovering at Christopher’s Haven, a Boston-area recovery center for youth battling cancer.

“It’s their strength that gives me strength that gives people like me strength,” Evans said to CBS Boston. “Any way you can bring a smile and give positive words of reinforcement and encouragement, it’s worth it.”

I’d love to do more of these positive celebrity stories in 2015 so if you’ve heard of any, let me know so we spotlight them here!






  • Excellent post. It is when someone steps out of a role and makes themselves accessible as a human being that they achieve the status of hero. There is no doubt in my mind that Chris Evans has done just that. My hat is off to the man.

  • Fred

    You are right on my friend, there is nothing in ‘Age Of Ultron’, ‘Force Awakens’ or any film this year we’ll see that will hold a candle to this moment, let alone be as impressive as this. Big ups to Evans here for bringing this kid and his family so much happiness.

  • Barry Murray

    Bless him.
    It’s great when this happens.
    Like when Christian bale went to the hospital to see people shot at that cinema.

  • Thanks. I love sharing these kinds of stories as opposed to the celebs behaving badly ones.

  • Very good stuff. I really enjoy reading those especially when it’s not in the midst of film promoting.

  • Exactly, that came right to mind when I saw this. Love these!

  • We have had quite enough of those stories thank you very much.

  • Fred

    I agree.