• Stu Scott is a guy that had to grow on me. When he first got to ESPN, I appreciated that he brought a different vernacular, but I thought he was just way over the top. As time passed he started to grown on me and soon became an integral part of my sports viewing life. He will be missed.

  • Fred

    Man I hated to hear this sad news, I watched ESPN this morning listen to his friends/colleagues talk about him. I had grown so used to watching this brother on TV it was weird not seeing him with the swag he brought to it, he definitely had his own style and was all the better for it. I knew was undergoing treatment for cancer, I just thought he would get well and be back on ESPN, R.I.P.

  • I always liked his attitude. Different than the more laid back Tom Jackson and he reminded me more of the sports guys on my local networks.

  • He’d been fighting it for so long and this last time just didn’t seem like he had more fight left, but it was definitely inspiring.

  • Fred

    True, and I know the man was fighting hard to be around to see his two girls grow up.

  • Fred

    Yeah Stuart Scott had a really cool dynamic and persona about himself, and from what people are saying who knew him, it wasn’t fake or phony, they say it was just simply who he was.

  • keith

    It kind of teared me up on Sunday. He was so young. He fought the good fight and im sad for his daughters. You just never how much you miss something till its gone. The man changed a big network while being a professional and unique. He seemed loved and not an uppity person at all. I have heard nothign but good things and his speech along his trademark calls will be missed. May he rest in peace