• Fred

    Wow, this looks fantastic. Getting to see a little of Ultron’s powers on display was cool and that Hulk/Hulkbsuter fight oh my, I would have said oh something else but this site is PG haha. I like that they haven’t shown The Vision and too much of Ultron, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. I think Marvel is still holding a lot back on this film that we have no idea about which is good, tease just enough but leave a lot to the imagination.

  • keith

    I AGREE. I cant wait. But I think this sets up for hulk to get kick off the team. he looks to appear to have lost it again

  • That makes sense especially considering how Whedon has been somewhat faithful with Avengers comic continuity i.e. having Thor ditch the arm sleeves to retain his normal bare arm look; making Loki their first adversary and bringing Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver in for the second film.

    A conflict resulting in Hulk leaving would be in line with the comic since he left after the second issue, but he’s been such a crowd favorite it’d be pretty risky taking him off the team especially if a standalone movie isn’t in the works.

  • keith

    I would love to see another stand alone hulk film… and of course let him get cleared in the end. A good time to introduce the reintroduce the leader even if not as cartoony. but I think you just have to have as apart of the avengers now due to the solo career ups and downs and actor changes. But he is nowhere as damaged as say… spidey or FF lol. damn shame the old characters are just done in by s hitty studios… sorry jeff

  • C’mon keith, whatever issues you had with TASM2 you’ve gotta admit Spidey himself was great, right?

    I liked “Incredible Hulk” so I’m fine with another standalone Hulk film and Leader seems like an obvious choice of villain.

  • keith

    i will give you this spidey was okay, just need to be in a marvel movie.. how about that lol. the spidey universe… WHEWWW. stinks. Im for garfield keeping it

  • keith

    i still like TASM 1 better and that was just a little below par for me. jamie fox deserves a rassie and dehan. in a nice way. I like dehan enough that they should port him over to marvel as the tradional hobgoblin. The mutated one.. eh..

  • I’ll take it! 😉

  • Foxx was fine. I wanted more Dehan though.

  • Fred

    Even if by chance Hulk leaves the Avengers after AOU guys, he will be back fighting by their side against Thanos in the ‘Infinity War’ films which is inevitable. So if he leaves the team it’s definitely temporary and not permanent, I think we all know that.

  • I’m enjoying this path to Avengers Disassembled before the team reunites against Thanos. Should be a lot of fun!

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