“The Flash” star Grant Gustin, LL Cool J and this “Resident Evil” star share a birthday

Grant Gustin pictureGrant Gustin (25) – The star of everyone’s favorite new comic book show. Here’s to DC/WB finally wising up and just going ahead and making you the lead of the Flash movie. Short of that, here’s to many more years of “Arrow/Flash” and hopefully Black Canary, Atom and Firestorm team-ups on what’s fast becoming my go-to network for the best comic book action on TV.

LL Cool J muscle T-shirtLL Cool J (47) – It’s not just the ladies anymore, but fans of your consistent talent through the years respect and appreciate your charisma. While “NCIS: Los Angeles: Season 1 [Blu-ray]” is no doubt keeping you busy, I’m hoping your agent is working on another film project for you very soon.

Kacey Barnfield (27) – One of the biggest mistakes in “Resident Evil: Afterlife [Blu-ray]” was killing your character off way too fast. I’m strangely interested in seeing your new project “World War Dead: Rise of the Fallen” if for no other reason than that crazy title.

  • keith

    so they made him the lead or just wishful thinking. Give that man the part!!! He already did the whole orgin.. so not hard. This will give them some continunity and make me less of a DC hater lol.

  • It would certainly be a step in the right direction, wouldn’t it?