"Glee" star cast as CBS' Supergirl

"GLEE" Premiere Screening And ReceptionLike “Flash” star Grant Gustin, another DC comic book based show is tapping the “Glee” well for its lead role.

Melissa Benoist will be starring as Kara Zor-El in CBS’ “Supergirl” series, which will be developed by “Arrow” creator Greg Berlanti.

According to the plot summary, Kara escaped the doomed planet Krypton and has been in hiding on Earth. Now the 24-year-old, Kara decides she’s ready to be a hero and use her powers for good.

Looking at “Arrow” star Stephen Amell and Gustin, I’m starting to think Berlanti has a thing against blondes. But besides being a brunette, Benoist looks the part. Glee fans, what do you think of the casting?

  • Jace

    Any idea where this is supposed to fall in CBS’s schedule?

  • keith

    once they said this will be its own universe and no crossovers i dont care. I barely care for superman so this character was always seen as pointless.. sorry to be a downer.

  • No clue yet. If they’re smart (CBS so…) they’d consider Thursday or Friday as putting it on M-W is a death sentence what the CW shows and Gotham and SHIELD.

  • Eh, they said they couldn’t do superheroes on “Arrow” a while back so that may change.

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