"Millionaire Matchmaker’s" stunner Candace Smith celebrates birthday

rachelle-lefevreRachelle Lefevre (36) – Sure you missed out on that big long-time “Twilight” payday, but “Under the Dome: Season 2 [Blu-ray]” has kept you steadily employed and remains a CBS staple so it all worked out well in the end.

Candace Smith (38) – After battling it out on Survivor, your fans are no doubt convinced you’re wasting your talents on Millionaire Matchmaker, but hopefully your 2015 film, The Man in 3B, will help open up more roles in the future.

  • Fred

    That Candace Smith is a knockout, whew lol.

  • Indeed! Figure it’d be good to showcase someone we’re not all already familiar with sometimes! 😉

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