12 Alice Eve pics prove why she should be Marvel Studios’ Enchantress for Thor 3


The Star Trek Into Darkness (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD) star turns 33 today. Landing the Star Trek gig was a big deal, but the brass ring is getting a gig with Marvel Studios. Of all the available roles, there’s one perfectly suited for her.

Marvel The EnchantressThat of Amora, the Asgardian seductress otherwise known as The Enchantress, the Thor ally/adversary who would make a perfect addition to Thor: Ragnarok.

Here’s some pics to show why she’d make such a perfect addition to the Thor cast as The Enchantress.

  • Fred

    I definitely agree with you here, Alice Eve would be the perfect fit for Amora The Enchantress and hopefully she lands the role. I’ve been saying for a while that she would be a great fit for the role. Jeff who do you think Chiwetel Ejiofor’s rumored role will be in “Doctor Strange” should he land the role, which i believe he will. If it’s a villain’s role i say Baron Mordo or Dormammu, but if it’s a heroes role i think it will be either Brother Voodoo or Blade, who o you think.

  • Thanks! He plays such a great villain that he would be a lot of fun as Mordo even if I’m kinda intrigued about what he’d do as Brother Voodoo.