DC Collectibles unveils DC 6" Icons figures – my wallet weeps

DC Icons 6' Batman For old school DC collectors like me who had absolutely no interest in getting figures based on the New 52, DC Collectibles has finally found a way to get into your wallet with this pretty amazing looking line of 6″ figures. Will it finally be enough to make us reconsider holding on to our DC Classics line from Mattel?

Some of these options are pretty tempting.

“Our new ‘Icons’ action figure line will be a new core universe of heroes and villains led creatively by the great Ivan Reis,” says DC chief creative officer and Justice League writer Geoff Johns in an interview with USA Today.

“Being part of this project is a great honor,” adds Reis, whose designs were used to craft the figures. “Knowing the ‘Icons’ action figures will be based on my art adds a new level of inspiration to my work. I was also thrilled to learn this series will feature many classic versions of the characters that were part of my childhood.”

Here is a list of upcoming 6-inch-tall action figures ($24.95 each) and their accessories arriving as part of the “Icons” line:

Wave 1 (November/December)

• Deadman, with interchangeable hands and a “ghost aura” that fits on most figure’s heads

• Green Arrow, the version from writer Mike Grell’s The Longbow Hunter series with bow and arrow

• Batman, a pre-“New 52” iteration with Batarang and grapple gun

• Mister Miracle, the latest incarnation who comes with Miracle disks and a Mother Box

• The Flash, the Barry Allen from 1980s’ Crisis on Infinite Earths with Speed Force treadmill

• Black Adam, the new version who comes with lightning hands

Wave 2 (December)

• Blue Beetle, the Jaime Reyes version with arm cannons and removable wings

• Lex Luthor, the Justice League member with clip-on energy blades

• Green Lantern, a pre-“New 52” Hal Jordan with power armor

Wave 3 (February 2016)

• Superman, the pre-“New 52” version with interchangeable hands and head, chain and robot helper Kelex

• Aquaman, with trident

• Harley Quinn, original version with hammer, rubber chicken, pop gun and pie

• The Atom set, featuring female version Atomica from the Crime Syndicate of America, midsize figure Ryan Choi and small figure Ray Palmer


  • I don’t think that Hal is pre-New 52. He’s got the New 52 shoulder pad detail.

  • Good catch. A few are post New 52, but the main ones I’m interested in are classic all the way. That Mr. Miracle design looks all kinds of hideous.

  • Alan Martin

    I’ve acquired Deadman, Mr. Miracle and Green Arrow. I was disappointed to find the scale does not mesh with the DCUC line (I don’t understand how 6″ can vary so much from line to line; what I was taught in school is that 6″ is the same for everybody). Still, these figures will mesh well with Bandai’s Figuarts figures.

  • I’m surprised they don’t match up either. I’m glad they’ve announced enough waves so I’m convinced they’re sticking with it for awhile.

    How do you like them?

  • Alan

    I don’t much like the New 52 design for Mr. Miracle, but I’ve never been huge Mr. Miracle fan either… I’m glad to have the figure for diversity’s sake but I don’t get a huge thrill from gazing at him. Deadman, however, is really cool. The ghost aura that came with him is a great idea, and the plastic is soft so it shouldn’t cause paint rub to utilize it on other figures. I haven’t taken Green Arrow out of the package yet, so no comment on him as of yet.
    I do have a general complaint about the torso articulation point. I realize patents probably limit what the engineers can do, but I really prefer a waist swivel joint to allow that side-to-side posing. What we have instead with the DC Icons figures are a mid-torso “swivel” joint that doesn’t work because the torso isn’t round so much as oval. There is a little movement there, but I feel like moving it enough to make it worthwhile puts the toy’s structural integrity at risk. Without a decent amount of range of motion, articulation points really serve no purpose. So, on that wise I’m disappointed with the figures. I’d also have been happier if there had been thigh swivels. I am happy with the double-jointed elbows, and the sculpting is awesome. Every bit as good as what I’ve seen the Four Horseman do if not better.
    The difference in scale from the other toylines I’ve collected is a real downer for me. I was pretty used to seeing Mattel’s DCUC line as diminutive when displayed next to Mattel’s MOTUC offerings, so seeing the Mr. Miracle from the DCUC towering over the Mr. Miracle from DC Icons was a bit of shock followed up with disappointment. I’ve spent a lot of hours working overtime to build up as complete-as-possible collection of the DC Universe characters via the DCUC Mattel line and was hoping to add to it as time went on with DC Direct’s offerings. DC Direct’s stuff had, up to this point, been taller than DCUC figures (and thus incompatible), and now the DC Icons figures are shorter (and thus incompatible). So after collecting Super Powers figures in the 80s, Toy Biz figures in the 90s, all at the 5 inch scale, then starting over at the six inch scale with Marvel Legends and DCSH (later DCUC), now it looks like I’ll have to start over again at a scale somewhere between 5 and 6 inch scale. I haven’t compared the DC Icons figures to Marvel Legends figures as of yet, but I would guess they’d be smaller. Sigh. Disappointing. This also means I won’t be able to cross-display DC Icons figures battling the up-and-coming Mythic Knights figures from the Four Horseman which are due out earlyish next year. These won’t go with NECA’s Alien collection (Ripley ought not to tower over Superman). I’ve got to wonder if DC Direct management sits around thinking up ways to get our money without providing a lot of intense satisfaction? “I know, we can start a whole other scale that won’t go with any other collector line, just like Mattel did with the almost 3.75 inch Infinite Heroes line that quickly failed! Except ours will have decent sculpting so they’ll be compelled to buy it!”

    The DC Icons Deadman seems to be the same height as my Injustice Superman from Bandai’s Figuarts line, so at least there is that. I can now have my Ultra-Act Ultraman displayed in conjunction with DC Icons figures (he was too small for the DCUC, and for a guy who battles kaiju, a diminutive stature does not suit him at all). This gratifies me to some extent, but Japanese imports take the expense of collecting to a whole other ridiculous level. I do not foresee myself accumulating a lot of Japanese figures just for the sake of variety among my displays/collection.

    With toy collecting, it is a risky venture to decide not to collect when the toy series starts, because something could come along making it highly desirable later (like the BAFs in the Marvel Legends lines). By which time the aftermarket prices would of course sky rocket. But at $22 a figure, it is a daunting thing to consider building up a DC collection yet again (especially if you think about army-building Parademons or something). But maybe this series will end up becoming much more complete than DCUC managed to accomplish, and if it did, then it’d be worth it to me to start over again.
    I’m glad to see classic costumes (especially Superman) coming. I’d prefer the classic Black Adam to the new 52 version, and I suspect if/when they get around to doing Captain Marvel I’m going to be disappointed with the new-52 Shazam character which doesn’t have any of the charm for me that the original Captain Marvel did. But for the most part, I like this series enough that I will collect it. There just isn’t enough DC product out there, and previous DC Direct offerings have almost no poseability.

  • I hear you about starting over with a new line. Had DCC rolled out a lot of DC New 52 designs, I wouldn’t get into this one at all, but with the classic Flash, Superman, Aquaman as well as the first Static, they’ve got me intrigued enough to let them work out the kinks. I’m not too bothered by them not fitting with the other lines as I never did manage to do that big JLA vs Avengers blow-out I’d planned when I first started collecting these lines 😉

    Looking forward to getting Deadman, Green Arrow and Batman. Mr. Miracle will sit along with with most of the new 52 designs although that Black Adam is kinda cool.