First look at Aquaman in "Batman v. Superman" #Aquaman

And Jason Momoa looks all kinds of bada$$

Jason Momoa as Aquaman

First impressions: great costume design and the most faithful to the comic book look it’s based on. Kinda hoping that left sleeve area can be orange to pay a little homage to Aquaman’s original costume. Interesting look of Aquaman’s hair. Are those some sort of highlights or just showing that like the Batman in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” Aquaman has been around for awhile.

“Unite the Seven” is a pretty good marketing slogan. What do you think?


  • Barry Murray

    Very cool. I like how his tattoos make the scales.

  • Yeah, it’s easily my favorite of the movie versions we’ve seen so far.

  • Barry Murray

    Yep. Just a hint of the gold on the gauntlets and shoulder armour. A real looking king of Atlantis.

  • Now I’m curious to see how they translate Cyborg’s outfit to the big screen.

  • Barry Murray

    Lets just pray they don’t go the route of the new Earth One look for Cyborg…

  • keith

    love it.. reminds me of the insanse one on JL unlimited and not the dork on superfriends

  • I’m almost afraid to ask, but what’s that look like?

  • Barry Murray
  • Good grief that’s awful!

  • Barry Murray

    My first thought was “Kid N Play”, lol.
    Not what i’d expect a modern Cyborg to look like.

  • Yep. I really think it’s a nice translation.

  • LOL Exactly. That outfit is “2 Hype!”