9 Takeaways from 2015 Oscars

Birdman Oscars 2015

The Oscars are history and now that the night’s biggest movers and shakers have finished patting themselves on the back, it’s time to move on into the movie season where the majority of the movie-going populace cares about. But first, here’s a look at my biggest takeaways from Oscar night.

Neil Patrick Harris helped us all appreciate Ellen a lot more

neil-patrick-harris-nph-underwear-oscars-2015-Hosting The Oscars must truly be a nerve-wracking experience and it’s clearly not for everyone. While Neil Patrick Harris didn’t crawl into a snarky shell of self-awareness like the infamous James Franco experience a few years back, his hosting duties were less than legendary consisting mainly of politely received jokes and a few ill-timed puns. In general, he came across too much like a host trying to entertain the stars and the audience and doing neither all particularly well.

It’s why Ellen DeGeneres is such a widely-loved host of Hollywood’s big night. The moment never felt too big for her and her likability translates for both the stars and the audience. She’s not trying to be funny, she’s just about having a good time. This year’s show truly needed a completely unexpected, but awesome moment like the celebrity selfie shot. Lupita Nyongo’s brother had his front row seat and was all set for it!

NPH’s secret ballot bit became a running joke throughout the show and the payoff, while cute, was too underwhelming considering how often it was referenced.

It was a commendable attempt with NPH, but next year, let’s either get Ellen back or find someone who will leave viewers buzzing for more than their “Birdman” homage scene.

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  • keith

    im going to go back watch this performance of glory. But i didnt watch one second of this pointless show. As i mentioned before, its rare that films where we arent slaves, the help or something else, we cant get an award. Not to knock those films as the onus is on the voting members. I was watching kobe on the grantland special.

  • And sadly your point is still too valid. It’s why I get frustrated with the complaints about Denzel’s Oscar. That’s a role in the past would go to non-minorities, win an award and people would complain about a lack of roles for minorities. Jamie Foxx won for “Ray,” much like Eddie Redmayne did this year, but “Selma” deserved better from the voting members. The Original Song is great, but it’s a weak consolation prize for loftier accomplishments.

  • keith

    I agree as its more oh how awesome john legend and common are type of an award. Even those two get the side eye just a wee bit for gee.. taking ledisi off the damn peformance at the grammys. The stage where she should have gotten to perform the damn song from the movie. sorry just not in a pat their back mood for that debacle. Oh do you mean the denzel won for playing a bad guy. LOL. I laugh at that soooo hard and why i pick at fangirls on such thoughs like Agents of Shield. Its funny how the opposite sex need the bad guy not be someone they not a fan of. I think this comes with age as even my boss alluded to this. Im happy he got one and his portrayal of a crooked cop couldnt be denied. Those are roles we quote for like “heres Johnny” in the shinning. The closet to that is the self hatred of one hack stacy dash. Cant act, vapid, but hey she look good though. just keep her away from the the mind

  • keith

    keep her away from the mic and a fox news platform. As she said my whole state is poor non working losers and women who get raped ask for it by being naughty?? she will be lucky to get a razzie… ever.

  • Pierre Mooney

    Well I think THE BUDAPEST HOTEL should have got OSCAR for best picture. It was the best film. Sure it was not the most inspiring, the most politically correct, and it did not have any minorities in it. It was just a very entertaining motion picture. It had great story line, it was imaginative and was loaded with subtle humour. The music was unique and fit the movie to a T.
    I am one to to reject the notion that films that inspire are not great pieces of art. I just think THE GRANDBUDAPEST HOTEL was the best picture this year.

    I most say I did notice a lot of comments on my favorite criticism of all the films being about comic book s . Did you notice any up for awards ? May be people like Brother Tyler Perry will able to get so of that productionmoney now. I am more concerned about Minorities being given the opportunities to develop the skills in movie production than being in them.

    I had seen all the films nominated for best picture except THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING. I disclosed to it.

  • I enjoyed Budapest a lot. I loved the tone and music. Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Pierre Mooney

    Wow, you are really noncommittal my Brother. (smile) Please remember a film critic has to take positions that is why people read your reviews. You have to have a point of view. It always means something in the long run. People remember points of view. It stimulates them to think. I think the real dedicated films fans respond to that approach. I myself do not comment on many things – just the ones I have a strong point of point of view on.

    Please explain to my why it is that “BIRD MAN” deserved the best picture award. Other than the additional title (THE UNEXPLAINED VIRTUE Of IGNORANCE) which was great true. (smile) The rest of it was a bunch of gimmicks and puzzling conversations. The ending is a mystery and the rest of the film was a “con game” to make people think they were viewing something “hip”, which they were not. Does the Emperor has no clothes on give a hint as to what this film was really about?

    At least some of the honest folks had an opportunity speak their minds.

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  • LOL.
    Pierre, I was kinda vague as I’m still planning to getting to writing a review of “Grand Budapest.”

    I didn’t have a problem with “Birdman” winning although it was only my third favorite film of the year. I enjoyed the constant sense of movement, the glimpse behind the curtain, the outstanding cast, the desperation of Keaton’s character in trying to remain relevant and go after a lifelong dream, the lighting and the music. It may have been gimmicky to some, but it felt more daring and original than a lot of other films last year.

    Beyond that, it was a film that resonated with all of Hollywood as they felt it represented them at various stages of their careers and Hollywood loves movies that winks at everyone behind the scenes.

    I liked that the ending left it open to your interpretation like “Inception.” What’d you think of that?

    For some reason, your comments keep getting jammed in the spam folder so that’s why I’m replying so late.

  • Have you gotten around to seeing “Boyhood?” I’d be very curious to hear your take on it. That was a film I was surprised was so overlooked by Oscar voters.
    I’m already planning my next viewing of “Grand Budapest.”

  • I can see that. I really enjoyed it though for showing in a fashion we hadn’t seen before the journey of life and all the highs and lows in between. It was a very unique concept and there’s some rumors of Linklater doing a sequel, which I would love to see.

  • That would be fun to see.
    Curious: do you enter your name or does it automatically pop up? Trying to figure out why it has that long trail from a March 2014 post attached to it.

  • Odd. I’ll have to check with the web masters to see if they know something.

  • Pierre Mooney

    Yes do that I would love to know why it comes up like that I assumed you were doing it.

  • Nope (smile)
    That’s odd. It showed up correctly now.

  • Yep! Let’s see what we can do!

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  • No worries for me. Just wanted to figure out what was causing it. I’ve got about four reviews I’ve gotta knock out before it, but it’s coming! ?