Superman gets another New 52 makeover because…New 52

Superman new outfit new 52

Is it Clark or Connor Kent running around in DC post-Convergence?

Nerdist posted the preview for ACTION COMICS #41 [street date June 3] featuring Superman with a new, but sadly, familiar look.

ACTION Comics Superman new 52This look is a switch on Superman’s look in Grant Morrison’s initial new 52 take on the character before he got the goofy armored costume he’s worn for most of the new DC era.

I was never a fan of Superboy’s Hot Topic inspired costume of a T-shirt and jeans, but it was simple enough for a teen and all the cool kids like black.

New Superman costume post ConvergenceFor DC’s flagship character though, this simplistic costume is just wrong.

It’s a problem when the movie universe, which almost always actively works to make costumes needlessly complicated and “realistic” more closely resembles a comic book outfit.

Maybe this look is just to make longtime comic fans appreciate the new 52 armored look a bit more?

  • Jace

    Boooooooo. They need to try again if that is the end product of any new costume attempt.

  • Seriously. Drawing Board Take 30!

  • Ben

    I’ve completely avoided anything New 52 because I hate the idea of rebooting and wiping complete timelines. This doesn’t bring me back in at all!

  • You’re the smarter of the two of us. Besides Batman and the Earth 2 books, which actually embraced the new universe and not just making a few cosmetic changes, it’s been underwhelming.

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