'Furious 7' speeding to record-breaking $150M opening #Furious7

Film Title: Furious 7Continuing the series’ runaway success, ‘Furious 7’ is going to shatter April box office records and take the early lead for the year’s best debut, according to the latest box office forecasts.

The film, starring Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges and the late Paul Walker, was already slated to knock off ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s” previous record-holding $95 million opening, which was set last year on the same weekend. Now it appears the early estimates were considerably off after a $67.3 million Friday haul.

Film Title: Furious 7‘Furious 7’ will easily surpass the $97.3 million debut of ‘Fast and Furious 6,’ which is the series’ highest overall grosser with $238 million. 

It will now knock off ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ as the 9th highest debut of all time.

Internationally, the news is just as stellar as the film should bring in $250 million worldwide by the end of the weekend. ‘Furious 6’ earned $788 million worldwide and that seems likely to become No. 2 within a matter of weeks.

How soon do you think Universal Studios will want Diesel and company to start cranking out ‘Furious 8?’

  • Fred

    I saw it yesterday and it was fantastic, just a terrific film and I can see why it’s having the success it is. It’s looking like it’s going well beyond those 105-115 million predictions, it makes me start to wonder if AOU won’t go well beyond “The Avengers” 207 million opening weekend. The things are starting to look “Furious 7” could end topping 300 million domestic and 1 billion in the long run, I do think a Paul Walker’s unfortunate passing could be the tipping point that gets the film there, kind of like the boost TDK got from Ledger’s passing.

  • Glad to hear you enjoyed it!
    Man, $150m is huge for the franchise. Moviegoers have been anticipating this one and the Walker tragedy definitely added something, but this franchise doesn’t look like it will stop.

    This bodes real well for AOU.

  • Fred

    Oh I definitely enjoyed it very much, I was talking to a friend of mine last night who saw as well and he said he’s planning on seeing it again today, a guy who rarely sees a film twice in the theater. Being that opening weekend predictions ranged from 110-120 for “Furious 7” and it’s basically going to crush those numbers by 30-40 million it makes you wonder what the ceiling might be for Aou’s opening weekend. I know some early projections has it opening around 217 million, but it’s not out of the question that it’s opening weekend could smash that number by 30-50 million. Though it would blow me away, it wouldn’t shock me if AOU opened to 240-270 million. Jeff for now I’m playing it cautiously and saying it opens between 220-230 million, but I reserved the right to change that when it get’s a day or two from it’s opening weekend haha. How much do you see AOU opening with it’s opening weekend if you don’t mind my asking?

  • I believe it. Most people who are seeing it are big fans and there’s no indication they were disappointed.

    I’ll go with $235M. Not too ridiculous, but seems to be within reason especially since that’ll be right around the time the Furious 7 fans and moviegoers as a whole will be ready for blockbuster season to get underway.

  • Fred

    See your prediction is similar to mine, 235 would be an insane amount of money to open to, even more so considering that no other movie outside of “The Avengers” has even open to over 200 million. As I was saying before Jeff I’m cautiously saying 220-230 million, but for some reason I have a feeling AOU just might exceed expectations like “Furious 7” and go really wild. I mean if AOU really goes wild and opens with something like 250-300 million it’s opening weekend no film will come to touching it and Avatar’s 760 million domestic record will be in serious jeopardy of going down. With a monstrous 150 potential opening weekend “Furious 7” should have no problem reaching 300 million domestic and beyond, with good legs 350-380 million domestic could be in play which would certainly put it within the Top 3 biggest domestic grossers of the year imo.

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