Agents of SHIELD to get a spinoff, but why?

Agents of SHIELD - One Door Closes - Gonzales vs CoulsonWhile the show has been experiencing series low ratings this season, ABC still believes in the S.H.I.E.L.D. so much that not only is a third season ‘highly likely,’ but according to EW, a SHIELD spin-off is set for next year.

S.H.I.E.L.D. executive producer Jeffrey Bell and writer Paul Zbyszekski are working on the hush hush project that will develop out of a few plot threads from the ongoing show.

Story elements that are still to come on SHIELD this year will be used to lay the groundwork for the potential new series. So by the end of the season – assuming the details for this project haven’t already leaked, which is rather unlikely – the spinoff concept should be clear.

ABC Kelsey McNeal

This is pretty surprising news considering how lackluster SHIELD’s ratings have been. Just last week, it tied the series low, which was already set this year.

Suppose that explains why the writers are confident to kick off this Inhumans subplot, but I’d rather the show runners focus on making SHIELD the best it can be as it has a serious case of the inconsistencies rather than spreading creative too thin.

And who would we want to see in a SHIELD spinoff? Evil Ward and Agent 33? Melinda May and The Howling Calvary? Mack & Turbo? The possibilities aren’t exactly all that thrilling, but hopefully this will prove beneficial in the long run.

BTW, for those ‘Agent Carter’ fans, still no word on if that will get a second season yet.

  • keith

    yeah i said this and drop comments on EW site. I think this is garbage. They need to work on just Shield. that is it. If they arent going to sack up and do New Warriors, runaways or a knockoff of Avengers academy. then dont even bother. those books got screwed and do we REALLY another generic spy show. This is where marvel falters but hey when you are funded why not be as numerous as the Seth macfarlane empire, another bloated mess i gave up on a couple years ago. Its like do they pay attention or care how they wasted 2 years on “skye” mary sue poots daisy quake. Season one is unwatchable. They clearly arent going for some type of value for this series. I dont know.. If it aint deathlok with more freakish actual powers i wont watch.

  • Deathlok could be interesting. I really don’t know what they could do to make it work unless they move Skye to the spinoff?

  • keith

    i thought of that… but YEAH we can ONLY hope. then i may come in to see her pretty face once a month and then watch coulson have a hit show lol

  • If this was posted on April 1st I would have thought it’s an april fool’s joke haha. I’d prefer that Skye and Bobbi stay on the main show. My guess it’ll be a spin-off of something/someone who will be introduced later in the season.

  • LOL. She’ll always keep you watching Keith, don’t fake ;-p

  • LOL.
    Would you be into a Deathlok spin-off?

  • Not really. An Inhumans spin off would be interesting but since there’s a movie coming …

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