The Vision's 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' character poster revealed

It’s about time.

We’re now in the home stretch of Avengers excitement and Marvel Studios has slowly been revealing a bit more of the enigmatic android team member. Now, we get a much closer look in Vision’s solo poster, which shows the new look for the comic book version was heavily influenced by the movie costume. There’s enough here to clearly convey The Vision, but I wish the high collar was retained and this android wasn’t so “techy.”Avengers Age of Ultron The Vision character poster

  • I do wish he had the collar. That’s the only thing I feel like he’s missing from just being the Vision.

    Still, it’s a great-looking design, and I’m amazed we ever got anything so close to the comics Vision onscreen. Just three more weeks!

  • Yep, almost there!! ?

  • keith

    aww come one jeff. next you are going to be yelling get off my lawn lol. im just happy that did this well. I must remember not to doubt marvel cinematic universe.. I just need to doubt their tv savy.. on abc

  • keith

    besides there is always time for him to pop his collar after he joins the team and become good. I would like to see a cape with high collar or not.. but eh if his parts are as good EMH.. then im good.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to see him in the film at all. Just that it’s so close to having it all right and I loved that high collar. Gave him some personality and a unique look.

  • I think he won’t be in the movie very long based on the limited amount of pics we’ve seen so far.