Gina Carano, Martin Lawrence and Karl Yune ring in birthdays

Martin Lawrence 2015Martin Lawrence (50) The definitive black comic for much of the 90s. It’s just about time to sit Will Smith down and get to cranking on ‘Bad Boys 3’ now.

Karl Yune of ArrowKarl Yune (40) – The man that plays Oliver Queen’s ally turned rival has been a major player in Season 3 and hopefully he’ll have a recurring role next season as well.

Gina Carano (33) – Is it really too late to not replace Gal Gadot and have her ‘Fast & Furious 6’ co-star take the role of Wonder Woman for DC’s ‘Justice League’ movie universe?

  • lili

    Happy Birthday Karl Yune! Can’t believe he’s 40 because he looks like he is in his early 30’s!

  • Yes he’s much younger than he looks!

  • keith

    its in the melanin lol. hell if martin wasnt chubby he may not look 50. what is he doing these days. can he play kevin hart uncle in a movie now?

  • Ha! He was supposed to be working on a new Big Momma’s House.

  • keith

    okay… damn MAH..TIN.. give us something better.. but keep getting them check smh.. i agree why was Gina pass over for stick girl. she bustier fitter, and fuller. And she appears to tan well if they want the more location specific look which im cool with. Tired of fanboys crying that an amazon warrior from the medditerean doesnt look like some cheerleader next door. well boo frigging who. i just want a better physical fit. WW doesnt have to be Lind carter( fine by the way and was great casting in relation to the comic) white for me.