• Joey Henderson

    I loved the trailer, I’m so glad that they’re following the events of Man of Steel and playing it out in this movie, Affleck is going to be great as Batman.

  • I agree. I love that Affleck is getting a second chance as a superhero! Thanks for commenting Joey!

  • Fred

    Jeff you know I agree with you bro, I’m so locked in and dialed into AOU man haha. But this looked pretty cool. For the life of me I still don’t understand why WB decided to release this trailer at the same time as the Star Wars one, I still think they should have waited to debut it with “Mad Max”.

  • I knew you were my man!
    I’m very curious as to where it goes, but don’t want to get too hyped up since we’re still just less than a year away. I’ll be more interested post-Episode 7.

  • I think DC’s major flaw with their movies is that they are keeping everything so serious in their movieverse. They need to take a page from themselves, from Flash and Arrow – lighten up a bit! Even if this movie is good, it will probably not be something you want to watch over and over the way the Marvel movies, even the mediocre ones, have enough humor to make you want to sit down when you catch them on tv.

  • It definitely felt more depressing than even the more serious Marvel movies. Not sure that’s the tone they want to go with every movie.

  • Ben

    Not excited for this movie at all. I wish I could but with no actual development of Batman and a pretty lacklustre Superman, my faith is in Civil War instead!

  • This would probably have turned out better if they had at least one movie together before they’re fighting.

  • Fred

    I agree with you that I’m looking much more forward to seeing Civil War than BvS, but I’m still looking forward to seeing how BvS turns out. But it’s like you said there is absolutely no development or history between the lead characters on the big screen so they’re going to have to execute it on the fly which will be a great challenge.

  • Ben

    Exactly. You need the build to actually care about how cool this would be… which is why Civil War will be amazing!

  • I can’t see it not being amazing. They’ve done all the necessary work to make it connect with audiences.