• Barry Murray

    You know what? I am cautiously optimistic after seeing that. Okay, we’d all like them to battle a different baddie this time, but i can see that it “could” be okay…
    Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this is not as bad as it could be.

  • The FF has such classic villains and they still can’t get Dr. Doom right. Who would you like to see them face off with?

  • Barry Murray

    I won’t lie to you, my friend. All i know about the Fantastic four comes from the two previous godawful movies.
    I read Civil War, with the negative zone, and i once made a Future Foundation Spidey custom, but that’s it. I did consider blagging it by googling their enemies, and picking one at random.
    But i have next to no idea who their other main baddies are.
    If you are a long time fan, what is your take on who they should be battling next?

  • Hey man, the movies are proving very useful in exposing people to some characters.

    Molecule Man would be fun to provide a superhero team vs monster menace deal.

    Frightful Four would give us a hero team vs villain team.

    Namor would offer interesting hero with villain tendencies

    Puppet Master could pit a town against the team.

    Lots of potential as the FF was Marvel’s flagship team with its top two talents in Stan Lee and Jack Kirby creating so many elements of the Marvel Universe there.

  • Barry Murray

    Lol. I have never heard of any of those.

  • LOL. They’d be all new for you!

  • Barry Murray

    I suppose if i am a barometer of the lay-viewers, it might be a bit of a gamble to choose a baddie that i haven’t heard of. Especially when the movie companies are investing many multiple millions of dollars in the movie.

  • True although they’ve yet to really get Doom down properly so maybe this will be the charm?

  • Barry Murray

    It’s probably hard to please everyone.
    And fans of long standing will always be upset at a new direction.
    I am reminded of a Family guy clip. Stewie is old, in the future(I’d say about 80 years old), and a bunch of kids are playing out in the street, with loud music. Stewie says: “I hate these kids nowadays with their stupid music. Back in my day we had Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. That was REAL music”.
    It’s all about perspective, lol.
    I am just looking forward to Age Of Ultron this week.

  • Lol. That was pretty good although I do like T.Swift a lot more than Bieber.
    What day are you seeing it?

  • Barry Murray

    It comes out thursday night. So i am looking forward to that. A lot!

  • I’m sure! Can’t wait till I see it next Tuesday!