‘Furious 7’ is quickest film ever to reach $1 billion

Film Title: Furious 7

1. Furious 7 – $29 million [3rd week; $294 million] While capturing a third consecutive box office crown was essentially a given considering the competition, the seventh installment of the series raced to earn some major records this weekend as Universal’s first billion dollar film and being the fastest to reach that mark ever. Avengers? Left in the dust? Harry Potter? Not enough magic. Hunger Games? Odds weren’t in their favor either.

Come next week it’ll reach $300 million domestically. The series continues to astonish experts as it was all but done a decade ago and now has become one of the most profitable franchises not tucked away under the Walt Disney Pictures umbrella. ‘Furious 7’ now stands at No. 7 on the worldwide highest grossing list.

2. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 – $24 million [debut week] Kevin James’ cop comedy managed to make the race a lot closer than expected. I’m pretty impressed because I didn’t think anyone was begging for a Paul Blart sequel. Critics didn’t seem especially happy to pay as it wasn’t screened for critics and so far it’s earned a perfect score of 0 percent rating on www.RottenTomatoes.com. That’s pretty impressive. Box office predictions had the film coming in at around $16 million and its relatively low $30 million budget, ‘Mall Cop 2’ should prove a decent sized hit for Sony, which could use a little good news.

Unfriended -Blaire and Mitch get interupted3.  Unfriended – $16 million [debut week] Stop me if this sounds familiar. A horror thriller with a small-scale budget rolls to earn a major profit. With a budget just over $1 million, Universal snagged another spot on the Top 5.

4. Home – $10.3 million [4th week; $142.6 million] Without any other family films out there, this animated effort from Fox has now made back its $135 budget and likely will stick around in the Top 5 for another few weeks.

5. The Longest Ride – $6.9 million [2nd week; $23.5 million] The latest Nicholas Sparks adaptation looks like it will be firmly positioned in the bottom tier of the 10 Sparks’ books turned movies.

  • Fred

    I think as far as worldwide gross goes ‘Furious 7’ will be a lock to finish among the Top 3 highest grossing films of the year and possibly as high as number #2. It might end up joining ‘Avatar’ and ‘Titantic’ as the only films to gross at least 1 billion overseas and AOU is the only other film I can see being a good bet in accomplishing that feat as well. I know ‘HP8’ came the next closet with about 950 million overseas. I do believe ‘Force Awakens’ will make more money than ‘Furious 7’ domestically, but overseas might be a different story, I’m not so sure about that one.

  • It’s tearing it up Fred. I can see this getting into all time Top 10 worldwide at this rate. I could see AOU accomplishing that as well as Force Awakens. 2015 is definitely living up to the hype!

  • Fred

    Jeff I’ve got news for you my friend, ‘Furious 7’ already has cracked the all time Top 10 worldwide grossers, I believe it is number #9 or #10 as of today. It’s supposed to be around 1.105 billion by today. It’s already grossed 858 million overseas and is less than 50 million away from passing “The Avengers” at number #4 on the all time list. It should pass “The Avengers” overseas total by sometime this week, amazing man. I don’t know if I can see ‘Force Awakens’ reaching 1 billion overseas, but we’ll see.

  • I hadn’t looked back since earlier this morning. That’s crazy!
    I really wonder what Avengers will do now!

  • Fred

    Tell me about it Jeff. I checked F7’s global numbers earlier and it showed 1.105 billion, a few hours later it said 1.123 billion and now it’s saying it will finish the day with around 1.157 billion, that’s nuts man lol. One site thinks it will eventually end up passing “The Avengers” 1.52 billion gross. While I’m not sure about that one thing I am sure about is F7 will certainly pass “The Avengers” 895 million overseas gross, it’s already at 857 million overseas. It’s going to pass HP’s 950 million overseas take as wellit’s now guaranteed to gross over 1 billion overseas which is extremely rare since it will only be the 3rd film to ever do so. It certainly does make you wonder what ‘Age Of Ultron’ might do, whew lol.