Carmen Electra still looks electrifying at 43


Even at 43, the actress/dancer/model still looks amazing and while her latest movie ‘Lap Dance,’ didn’t exactly set the direct to video market on fire, she’s got two more projects in the works for this year. Maybe ‘Chocolate City’ and ‘Party Pieces’ will become cult classics? Stranger things have happened. For now, here’s a gallery of one of Hollywood’s hottest.

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  • keith

    are they real?? looks like a lot work…but she and jenny mccarthy were my w.g.c ( guest that lol) in the 90s. they made singled out so worth it. I kind of miss that mtv and that time of happy go go booming clinton years. kids are so serious now and messing up so much sooner. i know i sound like an aging last of gen x’er with the get off my lawn but you know. I go the gym i ask this guy a question he was sure sir.. while i commend him on his manners and respect for a middle aged black guy. my vanity was hurt lol.

  • I was a fan of that show for the exact same reason!
    Hey man, being called sir is better than other things πŸ˜‰

  • keith

    like the opposite of it I know. sadly I we have gone down the tubes so far as a society I was proud of the guy

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