Agents of SHIELD spinoff to feature Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood

ADRIANNE PALICKI, NICK BLOODLooks like ‘Agents of SHIELD’s answer to ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ will be starring in their own show.

According to, the rumored AOS spinoff will focus on Adrianne Palicki’s Bobbi Morse and Nick Blood’s Hunter and tie in to events from the end of this season of SHIELD.

The Hunter/Bobbi dynamic was getting a bit tired before they ended up on separate sides of the real SHIELD storyline so I’m real leery of how this would translate over the course of an entire show. I’ve enjoyed Hunter and Bobbi as part of the show so I’m more than little concerned this just signals an even greater emphasis on Skye and the Inhumans subplot on the main show. What do you think?

  • Barry Murray

    I find Bobbi to have near-ScarJo levels of watchability.
    But Hunter doesn’t do much for me.
    I’ll watch it for sure. I just hope they can bring something fresh to it.

  • Yessir. She was like that in GI Joe Retaliation too! Hunter seems like every other wise a$$ but I’ve found his best scenes to not involve Bobbi.

  • Barry Murray

    Yeah. I’m sure MArvel knows what it’s doing now. They just need to get a Bobbi Hot Toys figure sorted and we’ll be laughing, lol.

  • keith

    i can do more of bobbi and hunter but they cant be the main focus. I want them to kind of tighten up her skills just a bit more. I believe with may.. not quite with her. I like hunter but his accent is one of the hardest british ones to follow. He need to slow down his delivery for ‘muricans lol. Honestly thought please put skye on the inhumans team or some junk so we can get down to Real shield with may and phil and just enough dash of fitz or simmons. I say or as i can see fitz still bouncing with skye. He made his beliefs well known. just anyway i can skip on skye or have her demoted. I just dont see this chick ever ever EVER needing to join the avengers. Hell honestly I barely want her in Inhumans movie if at all. I get thanks to no mutants quake get RETCON but need to focus on heavy hitters. not c list tv people

  • Exactly! I’d be down for her, Trip and May.

  • keith

    speaking of trip.. maybe if they thought ahead trip could have been in a coma or some junk BUUUTTTT NOOOOOO. we could had the real hear to shield with trip hunter bobbi, and deathlock and mac for a spinoff as well shield with phil has to grow again

  • Jace

    Keith, if they made that show with the team you proposed what would be the point of watching Agents of Skye??? Seriously, they really need to have Skye involved storylines down from there 50% of the show to around 10-15% tops.

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  • I don’t mind her in the Inhumans, but they’ve made her such a big focus of SHIELD, I’m just burnt out on her.

  • To the show’s credit they have made Trip’s death meaningful to the characters.