Denzel Washington signing up for first sequel with ‘The Equalizer 2’

The Equalizer - Denzel Washington as Robert McCall.2

I really enjoyed ‘The Equalizer,’ Denzel Washinton’s team-up with his ‘Training Day’ Director Antoine Fuqua. It had a solid old school feel mixed with modern violence sensibilities so I was excited to hear the early buzz of a sequel following the film’s solid opening weekend and its $192 total gross.

Sony announced ‘The Equalizer 2’ at CinemaCon with a logo reveal. While he hasn’t officially signed on yet, Washington is expected to sign off for the sequel, which would be a first in his career. Better this than ‘2 Guns.’

What do you think? Excited for the sequel?


  • keith

    So glad he will never have to stoop to 2 guns. i like 2 guns but beyond the view of a lil something something.. it was kind of meh. Speaking of since EJO on shield can we get a sista.. whats paula patton up to these days. she already was better than skye in M.I. Im just still kind of pissed that Jessica jones is being done before a misty knight can pop. they wait to long we will have to wait on one of those bummy actors who tried to play Allyah

  • keith

    equalizer was a got damn mans movie!

  • They do have one. I can’t remember her name of course, but she’s the tech agent who helped mentor Fitz and Simmons.
    Well, if it’s any consolation Misty is getting an action figure before her, which is even more impressive to me.

  • That it was 😉

  • keith

    yeah and she is hot in her british way lol.. but i want a azz kicking sista lol. Maybe one who may sterotypical slap skye or simmons when they being stupid.

  • Who do you have in mind?