Why Tyler Perry casting as Baxter Stockman in TMNT2 makes sense

Tyler PerryTyler Perry is realizing Madea has a short shelf life for his long-term future and has worked tirelessly to branch out in roles that don’t require him to dress in drag.

He was a flight commander in ‘Star Trek,’ an ill fit as a tough guy in ‘Alex Cross,’ but found a perfect role as a hotshot attorney in ‘Gone Girl.’ The next logical step? A comic book movie. Milestone Comics IconBut now with seemingly a waiting list to get cast and a lack of black heroes to play (although he’d be perfect as the Milestone Comics hero Icon) joining the ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ franchise is a smart move.

Baxter Stockman 2000‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2’ already cast comic fanboy icon Stephen Amell as Casey Jones and now Perry will be joining the cast as Baxter Stockman, the brilliant mad scientist in the employ of The Foot Clan. The ‘Turtles‘ 2014 relaunch earned $190 domestically — good enough for a sequel so signing up will help Perry expand his brand and for Paramount Pictures, the hope is clear that Perry will attract his fanbase to the film as well.

What do you think of the news?

  • keith

    only a foolish hollywood exec would think his base would give a damn about this. sadly they only want the man to wear a dress for a character that die a slow box office death once “she” was paired up with the larry the freaking cable guy( let her die or take a loooooooong break) I dont know if his studio has any film deals to get back to the majors but I wouldnt mind him being a producer or funder of a ICON show or movie. I can see him doing anything that herioc or manly.. not hating but Um no. I rather Henry Simmons get the part as he is looking The ROCK swole these days at shield. They must wake up and eat barbells man!!! I could only wish for that anytime soon lol. Besides Perry would be better at hamming it up as a villian. I can see him being locked up in some cyborg get up running off at the mouth. I mean honestly once you play an annoying but entertaining character like madea, then playing annoying to evil people shouldnt be stretch. Also he should get lawyer roles with ease. He has large booming voice and can be quick at the mouth. If he Oprah get off the soap train, I see him creating a real drama with ease. He needs a TNT show lol… or better be “cast” on one with out 100% control. But superheros… now maybe I can see him as tombstone one day. Another crazy character with a lot of makeup and a good dresser.

  • I bet there will be some crossover ?
    Don’t remember, did you see Gone Girl? He was excellent in it.

  • I appreciate what he’s doing behind the scenes as well Pierre. More folks are getting an opportunity thanks to his efforts and I’m sure moves like this will help him expand.

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