No joke Jared Leto’s first pic as The Joker

Hmmn. Every spin on The Joker seems to go to a very different, weirder place. I’m always partial to the 70s look from the comics as that’s the one I am most familiar with — and brought perfectly to live action by Cesar Romero and Jack Nicholson. The Heath Ledger version was a more sinister take, but Leto’s look for ‘Suicide Squad’ is way over the top. Not sure if I like it from this first pic. What do you all think?Suicide Squad Joker

  • I like it. Lately the Joker has reinvented himself every time he’s shown up in the Bat-books, so I can handle this version. It’s very inspired by Frank Miller’s version from ALL STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN THE BOY WONDER, which is ultimately the version from TDKR, which is apparently a major inspiration on this whole DC movie universe, so it makes sense. There was even a blurry photo of him sporting a white suit similar to the one he wears in that seminal work.

    They had to go in a new direction to make the character memorable when compared to other versions, and this looks like we’re getting yet another facet of this multi-layered character on film, so that’s a good thing.

  • The tattoos are interesting and like you said Joker never has a consistent look. I just wish DC could move past TDKR. It was great for its time but there’s been some great stories (specifically by Morrison and Snyder) since then that didn’t have the luxury of being a glorified Elseworlds story.

  • Curious about this. Suicide Squad sounds like a pretty over the top premise in a way so this fits. And it is probably as far away from the other movie versions of Joker that we have had so that is for the best.

  • Yeah, my concern is if this will be The Joker for the rest of the DC movies or if they’ll keep switching up interpretations for each movie.