See why Michelle Keegan was named FHM’s sexiest woman in 2015

Michelle Keegan won a well deserved award from FHM

FHM readers voted and British actress Michelle Keegan received the coveted Sexiest Woman in the World title for 2015. Interesting selection as I’m not so sure she’d even beat out some of my choices just for the U.S., but that’s the fun of these fan votes, right?

Now that she’s on our radar, what do you think?

Michelle Keegan - shirt and red bra

The rest of the Top 10 was equally questionable. No. 10, No. 7 and No. 4 should be waaaay higher. Keegan is certainly no slouch, but you have to wonder if Keegan would take this title again in a rematch? For now let’s enjoy Keegan and the rest of the Top 10.

10 – Kelly BrookeKelly Brook GIF

9 – Emilia Clarke

8. Lucy Mecklenburgh

7. Margot Robbie

6 – Ariana Grande (????)

5 – Caroline Flack

4 – Kate Upton kate-upton-game-of-war-

3 – Jennifer Lawrence

2- Kendall Jenner. I’ve come around quite a bit on Kendall. She has this smoldering look she must have stolen from her older sister Kim Kardashian. Anyway, it totally works for her.

And I call complete shenanigans on the lack of Queen B in the Top 5, let alone Top 10. Did voters not see this picture?

Beyonce black and white in bed

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  • keith

    you know how they do it. I agree Bey aint got to win everything all the time but she in the top ten with ease. you know i know the name kate upton but i didnt know she was the big a zz boobed warrior queen chick who lives to apparently hypnotize warriors slaves with .. her big a zz boos. things are they own kingdom.

    The winner is hot but she got no butt man. Now i appreciate a good top, but image wise for modeling, butts shouldnt hold people back now. I thought we past that… and I dont mean those iggy azzshots buyer types

  • Man you didn’t know Kate (The Truth) Upton? LOL at They’re their own kingdom!