‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ eying biggest box office opening in history

Avengers - Age of Ultron - Thor, Cap, Hawkeye, Stark and Rhodey

The Avengers are poised to rewrite the box office record books again in a major way.

Friday estimates suggest ‘Age of Ultron‘ will hit $97 million. If that proves true, ‘Ultron’ will zoom past ‘Harry Potter the Deathly Hallows Part 2,’ which is the current opening day record holder with $91 million. Updated estimates now have the Marvel Studios juggernaut steamrolling the competition for a record $220 million opening weekend. The previous record holder was ‘The Avengers‘ with $207 million.

  • Fred

    Now it’s still too early to tell what amount AOU will exactly end up with for Friday, but estimates keep going up from what I’ve seen through the day which is very similar to how the first ‘Avengers’ played out and that could bode very well for it’s opening weekend record prospects. Earlier today I was seeing 87 million for Friday, than 91, 94 and now I’m hearing 97 million possibly. It sounds like 220-230 million could be in play this weekend. Very impressive. The film itself was fantastic.

  • Barry Murray

    Excellent news. The momre money an Avengers movie makes, the more movies MArvel will make on the strength of it. Long gone are the days where a Studio would milk a franchise by spending less money on the sequels than they did on the original movie. So these things are just getting better.
    I wonder if releasing it elsewhere first wasn’t a ploy to drum up a fan frenzy in the USA so they HAD TO SEE IT ON OPENING WEEKEND!!!!!!!!

  • Fred

    I agree, it’s not just good for marvel but it’s good for the CBM genre as a whole. The build up to it was strong and the movie is very strong imo, i’ll be seeing it again in a few days. It looks like Marvel/Disney did a great job of drumming up fan frenzy. Just this film being able to top the first film’s 207 opening weekend record will be remarkable if you truly think about it, no other film has ever opened to 200 million and I think too many people are just taking it for granted. If you look at the few films that have opened to at least 150 million their proceeding sequels have either had small increases or a big drop off like ‘Mockingjay part 2’ did, so if AOU can increase it’s box office opening by 10-20 million over “The Avengers” that’s saying a hell of a lot seeing that film took in a ridiculous 207 million it’s opening weekend. I think people really need to sit down and think about that, because I have a feeling it’s going to be a while before we see another film reach 200 million it’s opening weekend. A 200 million opening weekend is not an easy feat to accomplish, people just foolishly assume it is because “The Avengers” did it. But if it’s truly that simple why has no other film come close to reaching 200 million it’s opening weekend until now possibly.

  • $220 million to $230 million would be crazy. That seems like a very high number and one that would be hard for other films to catch.
    I’m glad you enjoyed it too!

  • Yessir. I’m ecstatic too. More money means more high quality movies with the old and new actors.
    I’m not sure if that mattered at least from the folks I’ve seen. Everyone was just really amped for it.

  • With the first estimate of $210million I thought only $3 million more than the first one?, but then I realized that $207 million was a crazy opening weekend and beating it at all was impressive. I’m curious how the second weekend will fare and if the three of us are the norm in terms of wanting to see it again.

  • There is certainly more money to be made. I’m already plotting my visit to see it again in IMAX and again when it shows up at the Drive-In! These will also be second and third trips for my kids!

  • Fred

    Now I’m seeing 85 million which is very impressive too but it’s kind of strange. I’ve where films box office projections have gone up or down, I see that all of the time, but I don’t think I’ve ever een where a film’s box office projections have gone up and down like this films has lol. It could very well be where 85 will be he final number for Friday, but I sill wouldn’t be surprised if that Friday number ended up over 90 million either. I’ve heard the weekend amount would be 210-215, than 220-225 and now 200-210 haha, it’s crazy man. When you have this much money being made projection could be off millions one way or the other. Remember when the early estimates for the first ‘Avengers’ ilm was 2003 million and it turned out to be 207.4 million. Don’t be surprised if it’s a topsy turvy weekend lol.

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  • That’s been pretty surprising to me. I’ve seen a few million here and there but being off by so much is meteorologist levels off 😉

    The film has a lot of competition this weekend, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it has a better than average Sunday.

  • Man, I’m digging you guys’ site! Gotta figure out a way we can do some collaborations to spread the word of LS!

    This would be a fun one to see at the drive-in.

  • Fred

    Lol you’ve got to excuse some of my misspelled or missing words, my computer is tripping these days

  • We’ll were looking to build . How can we work something out?