MayPac knocks Avengers: Age of Ultron from all-time opening contention

Avengers - Age of Ultron - Captain America, Bruce Banner and Tony Stark

1. Avengers: Age of Ultron – $191.3 million [debut week] On perhaps any other weekend the Avengers sequel would have knocked out its 2012 predecessor for the highest all time opening weekend, but the draw of Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao — a fight five years in the making — proved stronger than Ultron.

Don’t hold too many pity parties for Marvel/Walt Disney just yet though as ‘Ultron’ is the second  highest ever opening giving Marvel the top three highest openings (with Marvel’s The Avengers at $207. million at No.1 and Iron Man 3 at $174.1 million), With a stellar global performance, the film has already reached $627 million in 12 days bringing in more than the first Captain America ($371 million), Thor ($449 million), Iron Man ($583 million) and Iron Man 2 ($622 million) already.

2. The Age of Adaline – $6.3 million [2nd week; $23.4 million] Blake Lively’s romance drama came in second and was clearly the counter programming option of choice for female audiences.

Film Title: Furious 73. Furious 7 – $6.1 million [5th week; $330.5 million] This marks the first time since it opened that the final Vin Diesel/Paul Walker film was not first place. With ‘Avengers,’ most of its core audience will now move on to the next big blockbuster.

4. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 – $5.5 million [3rd week; $51.2 million] Kevin James’ comedy is holding well and will be the best choice for audiences looking for a silly laugh.

5. Home – $3.3 million [6th week; $158.1 million] The animated hit remained the best family option and will be fine for the next week or so.

  • Fred

    Two things came to mind after this weekend, one is I definitely underestimated the impact the Floyd-Manny fight would have and two 200 million is not an easy number to reach lol. In fact I’m starting to think that we won’t see another film reach 200 million it’s opening weekend until ‘Infinity War’ arrives. Films like ‘Force Awakens’, BvS and ‘Civil War’ will have huge opening weekends but they’re not going to get to 200 million their opening weekend either imo. As you said my friend don’t cry tears of sorrow for Marvel because 188 million is an incredible amount of money for an opening weekend and with good legs AOU shouldn’t have a problem passing 500 million domestic by the end of it’s domestic run. With 439 million overseas and much more to come including openings in China and Japan AOU should be able to follow F7 up and reach 1 billion overseas, so it will be just fine.

  • I don’t know man. I could see Force Awakens hitting $200 million…
    Maybe Justice League as well since it’d be DC’s first hero team up movie. I see $500 million pretty easy though

  • Fred

    Yeah i don’t, but we’ll see. No film that’s ever opened in December has even opened to 100 million, now of curse I think ‘Force Awakens’ will change that. The internet buzz and anticipation o it is amazingly strong, but I’m just not convinced that movie audiences will show up in enough numbers to give it that amount. I do think BvS will have a huge opening but that’s not gong to hit 200 million it’s opening weekend either, I think that’s asking too much.I ‘m sitting to realize just how tough a 200 million opening weekend I and no amount of intent hype I going to get you there, now I say because I don’t see any type of buzz when I step out into the real world outside the interent, but we’ll see in the near future how things play out.

  • keith

    I cant give Ultron a 10 jeff…. now this isnt like your super suspect spiderman ten (ha. marvel proved whats right on that lol) I give it a hulk strong 7.5 a very strong. Why.. For one as a hulk fan I didnt like how he was done if they didnt have the guts to send him to space, yet they honor the fear of him properly. Im glad it was like the cartoon. Hulk is a walking WMD, he should be feared at all times. Im glad a mopey eyed hawkeye may be gone for a minute. I think his character need to be more youthful and something else. Not that renner is bad just .. i had enough. It felt very incomplete and I just it weird that the big movie is more than a set up for the next Cap. YET, the last cap was such a game changer that may be fine. I dont see how this will make AOS better this year. I still get a kick out of the people who think skye or those tv folks will make the leap with Fury. Fury(sam jackson) dont even know skye much less have time to baby sit her needy butt lol. Phil drew the short straw since he is “dead” and joss whedon wanted it that way for a reason??? Im not hating on whedon but if he feel burnt im glad he is bouncing out. Good job but if the russo brother i believe put their more grounded touch on avengers to get to the darker side of things then cool. I give joss props for knowing his limits for now. He probably should come back for a single hero in the future.

    I finally saw the ant man preview before it. My inlaws and I agree… it looks stupid as hell lol. Im sure it it will be better but after the Daredevil project, i would like more of on tv than an iffy movie. Im let your review talk me into going. Not on my must list. Good to see michael douglas looking healthy though. But hey you did it GOTG and it turned out great. The vision turned out just as good as a human could portray him. Happy for cheadle. I didnt see that coming with his screen time. Yet im sold on falcon joining as well Mackie off the camera ramblings made lose some fandom. Plus he wants the wack red costume.. Like be happy you are in the movie bro lol. All i can say is Black Panther cant get here fast enough. Spidey should have to wait and not him. Im spider out of marvel’s peter pan dammit lol. We finally got mention of vibranium and wakanda. Ready for phase 3

  • So you wanted more of a self-contained movie?
    I enjoyed the several moving parts theme and the whole aspect of the team handling one threat while others are moving against them.

    Ant-Man does feel like it’s going to be a bit of a letdown after Ultron, but I’m still willing to give it a fair shot.

    No talk of Skye in our Ultron review! ;-p

  • keith

    Yeah i think i wanted more plot creation of ultron.. now he was a great villian. funny, and scary. Just kind of messy overall. Even though the chitarui in the first one was the weak link in part one. Just so much overall glee or excitement or something. I did like the comet plan. the special effects were there.. i just think Joss got lost in it all. I also think they would have created a bigger world by actually pushing up BP cameo. He should have been introduced out of the costume just to thank them for not letting the vibranium be used as a weapon or something. I feel like with a movie this big just go 3 or 3.5 to not thor hammer it in. also why the unncessary(maybe) kill of you know who??? made no sense. He did a good job as a good version of him. Still cant believe that was kick azz.. and I cant believe that is mary kate and ashley sister.. Now i think thats how you do a modern presentation without the extra spandex or costumes that just wouldnt work in the real world. Good job on the witches powers. When your mother in law can get how weird one is then a good job was done

  • keith

    i secretly hope the new base will include Avengers Academy

  • I couldn’t think of a non-spoiler way to mention that and absolutely did not want to ruin it for anyone, but hopefully that’s not the end of that character.

    I can see the complaints that Joss got a bit lost in it, but fortunately the brand is now stronger than any one director and the Russos seem poised to surpass him in terms of epic Marvel action.

  • keith

    thank god the brand has eclipsed him so his legion of fans can bounce or stay and they cant sink it. Overall he is not being pissy in his defense but his interviews would be worse if he did gracefully bow out. good for him. Im just happy they had the commonsense to make Avengers a 2 parter.. unlike hungers game with probably didnt lol. I still need to watch it. Even though part 2 of that was better im sure. A lot of folks were mad with the lineup with all know isnt going to stay the same. I cant lie that would be a weak lineup. Its just weird without a thor at least. But hey give me more vision. Good job setting Paul Bettany. The face was a little meh. it was too fleshy but I cool way to bring him to life. Still my family, casual fans were groining they dont want the lineup switch. People love the hulk, fansgirl are thor crazy and i think they can give a crap less of the falcon or widow and hawkeye lol. they forgot about them lol.

  • Fred

    I agree with you that it would have been cool had BP had been shown in a cameo as T’Challa only, in fact I was expecting that up into the point that twitter comments came into the film and heard no mention of him, but I knew Joss wasn’t going to that because it doesn’t seem to be in the guy’s nature. I am excited about seeing where the Russos take these characters.

  • But it’s so in keeping with the comic team that started off with this all-star roster with Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Giant Man & Wasp and shifting to a far weaker lineup of Cap, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

    I’m actually glad BP didn’t show up as I don’t want him getting shortchanged.

  • It’s funny how C:WS changed people’s perceptions as I think the Russos can now do a better Avengers movie than Whedon, which would have been unheard of a year and a half ago.

  • Fred

    You’re right about that, it is indeed funny how perceptions change. A year and a half ago I didn’t think so either lol. But a few things have changed and convinced me that the ‘Avengers’ films are in great hands, one the Russos did an amazing job with ‘Cap 2’, two Whedon was starting to sound like a man who was truly getting burned out imo. Now that being said I still think Whedon went out with a bang because AOU was fantastic imo, but I can also see that he has reached his limit and can no longer advance the franchise like I needs to be advanced and I think the Russos can. Now I wouldn’t mind seeing Whedon stay around in a some producer and overseer type of role, perhaps giving a little helpful advice here and there if needed.

  • Fred

    Jeff I can agree with you there, plus I heard that BP will have a very substantial and crucial role in ‘Civil War’ which I hope he does. After seeing how the Russo brothers brought the Falcon to life on the big screen, I can’t wait to see what they do with Black Panther. Plus we won’t have to worry about a weaker Avengers line up, not with Thanos upcoming we don’t.

  • Maybe, Whedon definitely sounded burned out and I’d rather the Russos just have a clean plate to work with since they’ll be the major architects of three A-list films for Marvel Studios.

  • I’m seeing Infinity War more as an epic crossover team-up with all the heroes we’ve seen up to that point so regardless of the actual Avengers lineup, we’ll see Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, The Guardians, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, etc. battling Thanos.

  • keith

    or at least tchaka as im sure they going with reginald hudlin story or some variant of it which would give it a more blockbuster feel. I doubt they could pull all of the elements as i expect claw to be part old/new version. The new version was deadly but it seems they went with the old treasure/black market type.

    im just glad some directors are willing to come back to work with marvel and deal with their instructions. If it wasnt marvel i would say they were being dicks but i want the stuff as close to the books as possible. Now I do believe marvel should beg kenneth bragnah back for thor ragnorok… and for the LOVE OF GOD get rid of the plucky assistant of kat dennigns even if we miss her great clevage. Thor 2 was terrible.

  • Fred

    That’s what’s going to make ‘Infinity War’ so damn cool, we might not see all the heroes at the exact same time in one movie, but we will definitely see all of them between the two movies for sure. It sure can end up being epic to say the least.

  • Fred

    Exactly, I’d rather have fresh hungry directors the helm than one who appears to be getting burned out. Plus Whedon’s complaints we’re starting to border on irritating to me, okay we get it man your ready to move on lol.