Avengers: Age of Ultron has 2nd best second weekend ever

Avengers - Age of Ultron - broken Avengers

1. Avengers: Age of Ultron – $77.2 million [2nd weekend; $312 million] ‘Ultron’s’ success would be gang busters for any other film, but it remains in the shadow of its predecessor, which made box office history with a $103 million second weekend.

We all pretty much considered it a given that ‘Ultron’ would become the new box office standard and could possibly challenge ‘Avatar’ as the all-time champ. Instead, we’re realizing just how impressive ‘The Avengers‘ box office run really as and that it’s going to take a very special movie to beat the $623 million domestic haul of the 2012 hit. In some consolation, ‘Ultron’ is on track to beat the worldwide haul of the original as it’s on track for $1.51 billion putting it behind ‘Avatar’ ($2.8 billion) and ‘Titanic’ ($2.2 billion).

Hot Pursuit - Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon-0022. Hot Pursuit – $13 million [debut week] Way out in the distance was the Sofia Vergara/Reese Witherspoon collaboration. Its final numbers might change as it could have a better than anticipated Sunday thanks to Mother’s Day crowds.

3. The Age of Adeline – $5.6 million [3rd week; $31.5 million] Blake Lively’s romance drama continues holding down third place and also could reap some benefits from Sunday audiences.

4. Furious 7 – $5.2 million [6th week; $338.4 million]  Even in the face of ‘Avengers’ ruling the box office, Vin Diesel and company are still holding their own. Worldwide, the film has hit $1.5 billion.

5. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 – $5.1 million [5th week; $58.1 million] Kevin James’ comedy is plugging along, but now it can’t boast being the No. 1 comedy in the box office anymore.

  • Barry Murray

    That AOU had the second best 2nd weekend ever is the second best news i have heard all week. ^_^

  • What was your first? ?

  • Barry Murray

    Just google “Scotland Election 2015”, lol.
    The Political party i vote for won 56 of 59 seats in Scotland on friday, following the Thursday General Election in the UK. It’s a momentous time in Scottish History and the beginning of something even larger.

  • That’s very cool. It’s always a great feeling when your political party is the one with the momentum. Hope it works out well for you all!

  • Barry Murray

    Well The entirety of Scotland voted for the Scottish National Party, and we are still being ruled by the Conservatives. But hopefully it will work out.

  • keith

    im ready for the coversatives to be run out my state… but im in red land. Anyway. Jeff finally rented the wedding ringer. It was a good/cute R rated movie. But it was not worth movie admission. Yep pricing is stopping me from paying the extra bucks. From know I will just ask is movie worthy or wait for home to go with your reviews for comedies lol. Yet it was still funny. It will take a lot for hart to fail me. He has a long rope with me. I feel like the script and pacing was weird in that movie. As far the girl from big bang.. she better pull a jennifer aniston, keep getting really ripped for the final act of her hot phase of her career. This movie did nothing for her and it was a weird turn in the final act. I rather see Gad and hart do something like a trading places switch but I guess thats what get hard will be. I think these two are on to something just not all the way on this one. I would love to see another ebony and ivory movie comedy team like pyror and wilder lol. They were great growing up

  • I liked their chemistry too. Hoping they’ll get another movie together