Marvel Studios wants Ava DuVernay to direct ‘Black Panther’ or ‘Captain Marvel’

black-pantherCaptain Marvel Carol DanversThe Academy Awards showed her no love, but Marvel Studios is absolutely Team Ava DuVernay and are wooing her to direct either ‘Black Panther’ or ‘Captain Marvel.’

This is huge news not just for the obvious first black female director to helm a comic book film, but that Marvel Studios is smart enough to have a director that can relate on some level with either character.

According to The Wrap, Marvel has spoken with DuVernay about the two titles and there’s mutual interest in her signing on with the MCU in some capacity.

Ava DuVernayMarvel reportedly wants to have a black director helm ‘Black Panther,’ which will be groundbreaking to have a major black hero featured in a comic book blockbuster, but also directed by a black director.

DuVernay was a fantastic revelation with ‘Selma,’ so I don’t have a preference as to which film she takes, but I’m really intrigued at the possibilities.

  • keith

    jeff the haters already stewing up a storm. one azz says this the only reason she may get the gig cause she is black im like maybe cause of talent.. ?? seriously please feel free to put this selfish fan boys in there place. its probably the same dude can find fault with joss whedon

  • Fred

    I hope DuVernay does get the job to direct a Marvel film, she’s a fantastic director and would be another fantastic as well as groundbreaking signing for Marvel. For so many years black and female directors have been passed over when it comes to big budget films and while this certainly won’t solve the problem, it could be a giant step in the right direction towards fixing the problem. To have leading black actors and a female black director with the studio would help Marvel towards sending great signs of being truly more diverse with their lineup. “Selma” was amazing and yes Jeff the Oscars snubbed the hell out of that movie and Ava who did an amazing job directing the film, but what’s new.

  • Fred

    Well it just goes to show you how ignorant some people are, I bet this guy just ran off with that comment about her being black without ever actually seeing any of her work. Haters will always hate until a great film is put in their face and then they have no choice but to shut their trout mouths up haha.

  • Fred

    Very well spoken. It is indeed a comic book movie craze going on, but if you bring in more talented directors like Ava DuVernay than the comic book genre might very well be in good hands for years to come.

  • This is exciting to hear. I hope she goes for it.

  • You know there’s all kinds of courageous Internet warriors out there banging on their keyboard, but it’s everywhere. No need feeding the trolls.

  • This will definitely be high-profile and could open up more doors for her and those that follow her.

  • Agreed. This would give Marvel Studios a new level of credibility with filmmakers. Although I’m honestly not sure which film I’d prefer to see her direct.

  • Me too. Will only lead to a great collaboration for both parties!

  • Fred

    Your right, I could easily see where DuVernay would be a nice fit to direct either film.

  • Fred

    It could indeed, there has never been a strong diversity for blacks as well as other minorities in terms of directing big budget films and this definitely could lead to more opportunities for fellow/miss fellow minorities getting chances at directing big budget films.