‘Tomorrowland’ has underwhelming box office win with $32M debut

Tomorrowland - Britt Robertson as Casey1.  Tomorrowland – $32.2 million [debut week] Moviegoers opted not to take time away from BBQs and lounging by the pools to see George Clooney and Director Brad Bird’s latest project.

With an $180 million budget, it’s going to be tough for Walt Disney to make much of a profit here. Disney probably didn’t do itself many favors by making the plot of the movie such a secret to the point that people had no clue what it was about.

2. Pitch Perfect 2 – $30.3 million [2nd weekend; $125.4 million] The battle for the top spot was close with the musical comedy taking the lead on Friday before getting lapped on Saturday.

mad-max-fury-road-nathan jones and nicholas hoult3. Mad Max: Fury Road – $23.8 million [2nd week; $87.3 million]  The operatic action film fell one slot this week and is still facing an uphill battle to recoup its $150 million budget.

4. Poltergeist – $23 million [debut week] The horror remake of the iconic film only has a $35 million budget so it’s performance was solid even if it hold true of most horror films and has a sizable second week drop.

Avengers - Age of Ultron - Captain America and Thor5. Avengers: Age of Ultron – $20.9 million [5th week; $404.1 million] The sequel to the highest grossing comic book film of all time is now No. 16 on the domestic charts and No. 8 on the worldwide charts

  • keith

    since i think we light on movies in the summer. I will appreciate a look at some good dvd rentals for the summer. Since i skipped all of the winter movies, i feel like that is giving my summer feel. saving money lol. i still dont know what tomorrowland is about. Didnt they already fail with Meet the robinsons.. with this one of their not so hot animated films??? 180 Budget??? really?? yet it takes act of GOD for a decent movie to get made staring or directed by an woman or person of color. I think hollywood need to start trying what tv is doing

  • Yeah it’s not looking like a lot of stuff out there the rest of the summer, is it? Gotta save the excitement for November I suppose.

    Getting folks to watch free TV is one thing, preventing them from paying hustle man at the barber shop and beauty shop is another.

  • keith

    I have been about going the legit way to watch but if hollywood keep jerking folks around, i may go back there.. if hustleman tech has improved. I have even learned to only buy dramas or comedies. DONT buy nothing with special effects lol. I stopped as it was in that last golden period with k hart and other projects. Now we getting slim again. As far as me, Im going to see Entourage with the fellas, DOPE with them if they willing or whoever will go with me( probably myself lol, wife not fond of nerdy niche stuff with hiphop or etc, yet can watch a TP film hmmm). After that. Ant Man will purely hing on reviews as the trailer is kind of nice.. but goofy. However i know marvel dont reveal all in their trailers. So after those 3 this week movie season is over as im not a starwars nut like writer i know lol. Im happy for a strong dvd game. I did FF7, AOU, mad max( may be seen or get the hood special), PP 2 is always a home viewing for, entourage im a fan so i got to see ARI one more time( hopefully its get a sequel. I mean if the old ladies in the sex in the city can, i know entourage can) and DOPE… oh wait. Im see about Straight out of Compton. Another guy movie if we can make that happen. I saw Kingsmen this weekend, that would have killed as a summer movie this year. But January is such a wasteland they picked a perfect time.

  • Definitely recommend seeing Mad Max in theaters. I forgot Entourage. That’s one I’m looking forward to as well possibly for all of June. Straight Outta Compton should be good. I just hope they don’t rush through and give us a Cliff Notes version of them.

  • keith

    Just make sure you see DOPE.. I want really want to hear your take on a movie I think will relate to us on various levels. I think this is going to be this generations The Wood

  • keith

    and no cheesy line dance wedding scene that was a staple in the late 90’s/00’s will probably not be in DOPE lol