Attention Hollywood: Megalyn Echikunwoke needs more work

Megalyn Echikunwoke - in bed lingerieAfter a stint on ‘The Following’ and the upcoming ‘Damien,’ Megalyn Echikunwoke remains a regular on TV shows such as ‘House of Lies,’ but we really ought to be seeing a lot more of her on screen. 

In honor of her 32nd birthday today, what role could you see her starring in?

  • keith

    Let me guess another brittish/african hottie. her last name alone says broadway talent as they always kill it that route. If the xmen were kids again, I would say throw in the hat for storm but I have given up on the idea of a tall grown sexy adult storm. Especially since hollywood does stuff like take zoe saldana to play historic singers in darker/black face instead of casting a beautiful sister with the natural melanin. Someone call up marvel for a misty knight tryout

  • She’s had some decent roles – CSI: Miami, House of Lies just no big breakout role.

    Hey, DC could use some help too!

  • keith

    dc is hopeless lol. I wont be there for their future failures lol. straight dvd

  • Don’t watch any of those shows so I’ve never heard of her. Looking at those pics, though, um…yeah. Nice. No idea what her talents dictate she could play, but yeah, nice.

  • Sometimes the pictures do say a thousand words. 😉