Kate Upton turns 23

Kate Upton makes 23 looks amazing

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model/Game of War spokeswoman will next be appearing in the comedy The Layover.

And at just 23, we can expect to see Upton for many years to come. Lucky us.

Kate Upton

I’m amazed some photographers had the nerve to say she was too big to have a career. Uhm, no. That’s totally incorrect.

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  • keith

    best video game ads ever!!!! lol she the only reason i want to even download that game. I wonder if she is making a killing off that game. I wonder though if he she has to work hard to keep her model weight. From her face and um. giant sized top ( looks real), she looks bigger in the commercials than in these pics. I guess i can see why models get weight problems

  • It’s crazy how folks hate on her weight. Her not being a twig is part of her charm.
    Agreed on the game, which I otherwise wouldn’t think twice about.

  • keith

    people hate on her weight???? girl is not even cloooose to chubby. she has fat tatas and a bit of a but for a um “mainstream” model. her chubby cheek face makes her cute and sexy.

  • Yeah, you know America is the home of “fat” shaming.