‘Jurassic World’ snags highest box office debut of all-time

Jurassic World - hybrid dinosaursI have to admit, this one I did not see coming. Bolstered by a stronger than anticipated Sunday, ‘Jurassic World‘ dethroned ‘Marvel’s the Avengers’ to earn a record-setting $209 million opening weekend.

I’d pegged ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron‘ as the film in best position to do that, but the unexpected perfect storm of The Kentucky Derby and the MayPac fight prevented it from upending the original film. With no such competition deterring its path, ‘Jurassic World’ stormed to the top. I’m surprised based on how average, but not spectacular the reviews were for the film, but apparently filmgoers missed their dinosaurs.

With ‘Jurassic World’s’ surprising performance, I’m very curious to see how ‘Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens‘ will do now as ‘Avengers’ could get bumped to third place by the time the year is up.

  • The reviews haven’t been meteoric, but they’ve been far better than the reviews of any other sequel to JURASSIC PARK. Of course, none has garnered the acclaim of the original.

  • Very true. It’s very odd to me as other event films have done better with critics, but haven’t come close. Guess people were really ready for another JP follow-up?

  • You’re probably dead on with that. New experience for the next generation parent to share with their kids. Caught up on Game of Thrones yet?