‘Jurassic World’ battles emotions in beating ‘Inside Out’ for box office crown

Film Title: Jurassic World1. Jurassic World – $102 million [2nd week; $398.2 million] The summer’s mammoth hit battered the box office for a second week, but it had some strong competition as the summer season heats up. The fourth installment of the series now is the franchise’s highest grosser as it passed the original’s $357.1 million.

The dinos may have come up shy of ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’ record second best weekend, which for now stands at No. 1 with $103 million. That could be adjusted once tomorrow’s figures come out.

inside-out-image-fear-joy-disgust2. Inside Out – $91 million [debut week] Pixar’s latest had the studio’s second best opening, but it just came up short of continuing Pixar’s streak of every one of its films debuting at Number 1.Thanks to excellent critical and audience reception, ‘Inside Out’s’ debut trails only the $110.3 million of ‘Toy Story 3‘ for best Pixar opening. Word of mouth is going to remain strong for this one, so don’t be too shocked if this ends up beating ‘Jurassic World’ next weekend.

  • keith

    are you going to see dope anytime soon?

  • Yep. Hopefully this week!

  • keith

    every i know who seen. love it. I think this is up your alley too along with NWA. Rick Fam need more work. He should get a movie once a year after this. The lead of dope is already on a 80’s theme netfilx show coming called get down. I just love seeing up and coming new talent. By the way. I saw an E60 on NXT wresters today. I have watched raw or smackdown in over a decade but man their behind the scenes stuff was great. it featured an adam rose and austin woods. It almost make want to want to watch just for their hard work. or add them in my game or something. good stuff and it was good to see dusty on screen again

  • Yeah, from everything I’ve read it sounds like I’ll enjoy it. I definitely want to check out that NXT special. Sounds like they did a nice job on it. Was Dusty heavily involved?

  • Yeah I’m very surprised it’s doing so well since, like you said, there’s nothing really new about it. Definitely won’t encourage Hollywood to explore new properties but just dip further back into nostalgia with older popular films.