‘Inside Out’ gets emotional in winning July 4th holiday weekend


1. Inside Out – $45.3 million [3rd week; $246.2 million] It took three weeks, but Pixar’s latest finally took the top spot for the holiday weekend. While this come from behind win would normally bode well for its long-term prospects, next week ‘Minions‘ comes out, which will definitely put a major dent in the ‘Inside Out’s’ chances of cracking Pixar’s top 3 highest grossing list.

Currently, ‘Inside Out’ ranks No. 7 and should easily catch ‘Monsters University‘ at No. 4 with $268.7 million. ‘Up‘ may be a bit out of reach with $293 million though.

2. Jurassic World – $43.8 million [4th weekend; $568.2 million] Even though there was stiff competition this week, even in its fourth week ‘Jurassic World’ remained a major force. It is now the fourth highest grossing film of all time behind ‘The Avengers‘ $623 million. I’m thinking it should catch ‘Avengers,’ but with more summer blockbusters coming up, it will need to do so quickly.

TERMINATOR GENISYS3. Terminator: Genisys – $28.7 million [$44.2 million since Wednesday] Box office experts predicted a much higher gross for the fifth installment of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mega-franchise, but audiences weren’t nearly as interested as anticipated. Worldwide, it brought in $85.5 million.  With its $155 million budget, it’s likely to wrap up just under $100 million by the time it finishes its run.

4. Magic Mike XXL – $15 million [$27 million since Wednesday] Channing Tatum and most of the guys were back, but after most of the core audience saw it Wednesday and Thursday, it quickly stripped its box office advantage and tumbled to fourth place.

5. Ted 2 – $11 million [2nd week; $58.3 million] The cuddly tear bear found another soft weekend with less interest. This seems poised to struggle to hit $70 million or a fraction of the original’s $218 million total gross.

  • keith

    I saw jurassic world last night. It’s a strong 6 if such a thing. It is a good bad movie on the slick. People including myself laughed at people getting bit by the teroldactyls and snatched up. It’s like I didn’t care about no one but Chris Pratt and the African handler. Yet it didn’t take itself seriously. It was like watching a super lake placid. It kind suck this movie broke the record…this??? Good for Chris but I’m done on jurassic park it’s over for me. I enjoyed but dvd would been good enough. My wife loved but no where the charm of the first who had more impact full sfx. May e because they used lifelike puppets as well. Jim hens on knew what was up. At times you could see the slick vido game like sfx of the raptors. I guess after 20 years of cgi pushing limits I may be at my point. Summer is burning out quickly. I await your dope.review. best movie so far for me

  • Yep, it’s not an awful movie, but I’m amazed it’s become such a big hit especially considering there were other movies I found much stronger that didn’t do anything at the box office.
    I’m hoping to get to Dope soon.