Kneejerk Suicide Squad trailer reactions

After the initial terrible leaked trailer from San Diego Comic Con, the first official trailer of ‘Suicide Squad’ was released and it was definitely enough to get me intrigued about DC/Warner Bros’ other big comic book release for 2016. It did have me wondering a few things though… Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are definitely taking the opposite direction of Marvel Studios’ more family-friendly approach with a dark, grim and gritty feel. On one hand, it’s commendable they’re not chasing after Marvel, but the darker tone largely works against most DC characters save Batman and a few others like The Suicide Squad. By constantly taking the bleak tone, the films that would benefit the most from it have to go to even darker places and I’m not convinced yet that’s the best road for comic book films. Suicide Squad - Comic-Con First -Batman robberWho the heck is the panda bear and Batman mask-wearing shooters? That was an interesting visual and one that hinted this will not be completely serious. The Suicide Squad is pretty deep to start. Wonder just how many of them will make it through the first film? It was good to see Katana, Killer Croc and Capt. Boomerang get some screen time in the trailer, but I was hoping for a bit more of Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flag as the Squad leader. Suicide Squad - Comic-Con First -Batman on carThe glimpse of Batman was pretty cool and I’m curious as to how he’ll be used. I’m not as excited about The Joker’s involvement as I still can’t shake the thought that the second he appears on screen, the Squad are going to be far less interesting. And as cunning and unpredictable as The Joker is, I’m curious if he’s being positioned as a distraction or the main villain. Suicide Squad - Comic-Con- Margot Robbie as Harley QuinnMargot Robbie seems poised to just run away with the film and may make her Harley Quinn the breakout character of the DC Universe films on par with Iron Man or Wolverine.

  • Jace

    I had to laugh because the guy who played Rick Flag in Smallville is one of the first people seen in the trailer. I am hoping they just use Joker in Arkham or something and don’t do a live action Assault on Arkham. Not that AoA was bad but I just saw that movie not too long ago.

  • keith

    i got a feeling it will be about 80% AoA. I think the process if you have a well received animation that preceeds the movie, then you try to expand that version for success. Hell marvel did that to great success with EMH in one way or another. (why that show should never been canceled)

  • I’m constantly amazed how many Smallville people find work in other WB shows/movies.
    I guess the best case would be him escaping midway or near the end and not be the focal point like he ended up in AoA.