Ant Man lands $58M debut as Marvel Studios nears Pixar record

1. Ant-Man – $58 million [debut week] It’s odd when the experts predict a box office estimate and the actual figure lands squarely on the mark. Marvel Studio’s latest entry makes it the 12th of its offerings to open at No. 1.

Of the 12 Marvel Cinematic Universe films, ‘Ant-Man’ has the 11th lowest opening, slightly above ‘The Incredible Hulk’s‘ $55.4 million debut in 2008. That doesn’t necessarily mean the well is drying up on Marvel films — Ant-Man isn’t a household name and it’s doubtful Marvel Studios was anticipating a $100M opening — a feat only the two Avengers and the last two Iron Man films accomplished. ‘Ant-Man’ did exactly what it needed to do in terms of keeping audiences fully engaged with Team Marvel in prep for what could be the studios highest grosser yet with ‘Captain America: Civil War‘ featuring the clash of Captain America and Iron Man.

Film Title: Minions2. Minions – $50.7 million [2nd week; $216.7 million total] Last week’s winner fell to second place this week, but it’s safe to say with the lack of competition for families it should be comfortable in the Top 3 for many more weeks. In another couple of weeks, it should overtake ‘Despicable Me’s’ haul of $251 million, but catching the sequel’s $368 million seems fully out of the question. Still, that’s definitely great for a spin-off. By comparison, last year’s ‘Penguins of Madagascar‘ only managed $83.5 million its total run in theaters.

Film Title: Trainwreck3. Trainwreck – $30.2 million [debut week] Amy Schumer’s box office coming out party also was a big hit with audiences eager to see the movie starring comedy’s new ‘It Woman.’ With a $35 million budget, this marks yet another feather in the cap for Universal Pictures, which is having a tremendous year with one hit after another from ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ ‘Furious 7,’ ‘Minions‘ and ‘Jurassic World.’

4. Inside Out – $11.6 million [4th week; $306.4 million] Pixar had a lot to be excited about this week as well as the emotional animated crowd-pleaser hit the $300 million mark. That makes it the third of Pixar’s offerings with ‘Toy Story 3‘ and ‘Finding Nemo‘ to hit that milestone.

Jurassic World - Indominus Rex attacks5. Jurassic World – $11.4 million [6th week; $611.1 million] The dino thriller is nearing its end of its Top 5 stay, but should have enough left in the tank to top ‘The Avengers” $623 million for third place all time.

  • keith

    new format? So do you think ant man get to 200 mil or we look just shy over 100m? It was a good heist film with good marvelness in it. I like the father daughter stuff and was a nice way to back into wasp without Disney having to touch the wifebeating stuff. Its probably best that hank is who he is in the MCU. I mean guy who robbs to save for his daughter and not a really bad guy, or crazy great but mad genius who has done has harm as good with split personas??? do we even have to ask at this point. Scott Lang you ARE ANT MAN. Good job by rudd. I he fits a a quirky scott lang very well

  • Yeah. Wanted to have a bit more stuff for people to check out early before scrolling and scrolling down the page.

    I’m thinking $175M is probably where it wraps up. They’re so many worse character actions in Marvel that I hate Pym has been reduced to one panel. I don’t bother with anything from the Ultimate Universe besides Miles Morales.
    Pym hasn’t been Ant-Man in forever in the comics. My problem was that Pym is so old he won’t be Giant-Man either, a character I keep really wanting to see in the MCU.

  • keith

    hell im even glad they made hank kind of a jerk and not able to really tie up loose ends. Look at the mess he caused with his daugher, his surrogate son, he practically creates his own enemies. Yet unlike stark he actually seems to give a damn. Douglass did a great job as a cranky arrogrant pym. I cant even lie, just wrapped up reading Avengers Arena. Pym is a douche. He need a break as a hero after civil war, avengers academy, and taking on the wasp name. Hard to like but i know how pivotal he is.

  • I never read Avengers Arena. What’d they do with him there?

  • keith

    true giant man needs to be born. I got a feeling it will be a last ditch effort and rudd will probably ham it up and call himself goliath lol

  • keith

    In short he is a crappy head master ( avengers academy a good book over the last years but this is before marvel knew what to do with them miles, and black panther) Arcade steals several superpowered teens across the world and makes fight to the death in a hunger games/lord of flies manner. Its books like this that make me laught DC fanboys who for some reason so proud of DC being so ” gritty and dark” only a hand few of the kids make it alive and yeah Arcade wins for a change

  • keith

    very stylish and some characters i was looking forward to lasting got that AXE! It was good read and honestly if marvel ever had the guts to pull off a DC level animation. this one if ripe for a 2 disc telling as most folks over than Runaways would be invested in it

  • I wouldn’t be upset with that either. Just like to see him show up.

  • That sounds kinda timely. Would you recommend I check it out?

  • Sounds interesting. I’ll check it out then! Thanks for the recommendation!

  • keith

    sadly i think it was a good way to prepare for the ultimate and regular world clashing together to trim characters in a well real format. I think the only 2 deaths i hated were reptil and a guy named mettle. Im sure one of them will come back (reptil powers are magic like)