I Think I Love My Wife movie review

I Think I Love My Wife is a film Chris Rock made much too early in his directorial/screenwriting career.

In 2007, Rock now had the honor of being proclaimed The Funniest Man in America,  yet his comedies rarely lived up to that billing.

Wife marked his second directorial/screenwriting effort and again, it would have been fine for an Orlando Jones/Eddie Griffith vehicle, but even in 2007, it was underwhelming for Rock’s considerable talent.

The premise, based on Eric Rohmer’s Love in the Afternoon, is solid, but was in need of a more confident, daring approach like Rock delivers with his standup.

I Think I Love My Wife - Chris Rock and Gina Torres

Richard (Rock, Madagascar) is a successful executive married to a beautiful teacher Brenda (Gina Torres, Serenity) with two lovely children, but married life has grown stale the past seven years. There’s no excitement, especially in the bedroom, prompting him to fantasize about having sex with the various women he sees on his daily commute.

I Think I Love My Wife - Kerry Washington black dress and Chris Rock

A chance encounter with Nikki (Kerry Washington, The Last King of Scotland), an old friend who’s everything Brenda isn’t — sexy, fun and most importantly unpredictable — may give Richard a chance to scratch his sexual itch.

Rock pulls triple duty as he stars, directs and co-wrote the film with Louis C.K. Thumbing through Netflix and seeing Rock teaming with Washington and Louis C.K. seems like a can’t miss comedy, but Rock hadn’t yet been able to put together the complete Chris Rock film experience.

Here, Rock plays it way too safe sticking to boring by-the-numbers conventional approaches to the premise. No cliché is left behind and the film is all the more predictable for it.

I Think I Love My Wife - Chris Rock, Kerry Washington and Gina Torres

Richard’s co-workers think he’s having an affair, he’s lying to Brenda about hanging out with Nikki, Nikki enjoys playing the seductress despite knowing about Richard’s wife and Richard is seriously confused about his feelings for his wife. The film plays out like a sitcom — just one that’s lacking consistent laughs or a laugh track.

Rock and Louis C.K. are largely uncommitted with the title question resorting to outlandish scenarios as the basis for why Richard should remain faithful.

I Think I Love My Wife - Kerry Washington lingerie

Playing against type as the sexpot bad girl, Washington is alluring, captivating and fascinating. She’s easily the highlight of the film, but perhaps does too convincing a job as it’s hard to imagine Richard not straying.

Even at a brisk 94 minutes, the film feels too long and in need of tighter editing particularly with the funny jokes that are stretched out so long they lose their effectiveness.

I Think I Love My Wife - Chris Rock and Kerry Washington in car

This is a definitely a film I’d make a case for a director/screenwriter getting a do-over. Just imagine how much more authentic, topical and engaging this would be if Rock made this film in 2015 instead of eight years too soon.

As is, I Think I Love My Wife is little more than a minor curiosity if you want to see Olivia Pope attempting to break up a happy household years before Scandal.

Rating: 4 out of 10

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  • I thought it was an OK film as I was surprised that it was based on a film by Eric Rohmer who is one of the finest filmmakers of the French New Wave. Yet, I give Rock credit for at least trying to do something different. I did like that scene of him listening to rock music with the kids proving that yes, white people can make good music at times.

  • It’s one I didn’t necessarily loathe every second of, but I don’t ever feel like I’d need to watch it again.
    Hey with pretty much every Maroon 5, Kings of Leon, No Doubt and Coldplay album on my phone, I never doubted that for a second 😉

  • Uh…. those weren’t the white people I was talking about. Those bands suck, except for No Doubt.

  • LOL. Not a KOL fan?

  • I liked them early on but they became too commercial for my taste. I’m not into that stuff.

  • Gotcha. Hear that a lot from their longtime fans. I like the older stuff just as much as their newer stuff. McFearless is a song that always gets my hyped.

  • keith

    im a maroon 5 five fan as well

  • keith

    I personally cute/like this film. Its a no brainer. it was a great showcase to establish kerry washington. This film almost always produce a heavy conversation with the fellas as to what should of happen lol. If the top five chris would have made it, then it could been better. Im more lenient on it for well im a kerry stan and rock was just okay. its a weak 6. I would watch again but i would never remember to say hey lets put this on or something

  • keith

    the movie is more fun to talk about in barbershops than actually watch

  • keith

    Playing against type as the sexpot bad girl, Washington is alluring, captivating and fascinating. She’s easily the highlight of the film, but perhaps does too convincing a job as it’s hard to imagine Richard not straying.

    Lol. i actually gave my comments before reading. See I knew it. If this movie was released today after top five, in january or say early fall, it would been a hit. so its on netflix.. think i will give a rewatch lol.. and i do own she hate me as well

  • The way it’s written they don’t make a good argument for staying faithful, which is weird. When was the last time you watched it.

  • I haven’t watched She Hate Me. Really need to with Mackie’s career on the rise!

  • keith

    years ago… no they made so absolute of her seduction that for him not kind of undid the movie.. im ashamed to say that as a married man, but it almost didnt make any sense with ALL that happen. its been a few years. His wife was no slouch but they her as unsexy as possible or i should say aloof and also i felt no chemistry for rock and gina. she was just kind of there in the way of a better story.

  • keith

    Then again on the flip side, you can have a change of heart and wake up like wow im about to blow my marriage, even though this woman is beyond belief, she is a flake, she will move on after me, my life can spiral out of control. Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. It did feel too safe of a presentation on rock’s part ( except for a few edgy jokes, were funnier when i was younger) yet kerry went all out. I think you right this movie need a screwball approach. Kind of great way i remember a thin line between love and hate.